Are RoM’s Special Events Too Hard?

The last special event has been the Music Festival.

I love all the little quests and mini-games(in world) that RoM has been putting into their special events but I have been finding it difficult to get anywhere with them.

I tried the Musical Horse Trial 6 times before getting frustrated and giving up, and to anyone who doesn’t know, the MHT is a timed 15 minute long event requiring killing special mobs at 3 checkpoints.

I was using my lvl 49 Knight with decent modded gear, and I just couldn’t complete it, first the requirements weren’t clearly laid out, and after my 3rd run I finally found out how to properly complete all checkpoints.

Even then it turned out that there is some hidden unmentioned time limit at each checkpoint, becaue I was taking awhile at the second checkpoint when the mobs just vanished, leaving me unable to get my voucher signed and move on.

I tried my hand at clubbing some Cavies, which left me waiting for the next spawn time(out of only 3 daily spawns). Luckily it was only an hour wait, which I passed the time mining.  But there’s only 2 spawn locations and they filled up fast.  By the time I killed 2 Cavies, they were all gone.  The event notice said the event lasts an hour, but evidently it’s shorter because there is a limited amount of Cavies.

I couldn’t even do the Count event(with help)

Now am I just needlessly whining?  Do these events happened to be unbalanced for classes, or something else I’m not considering?

I love the fact that they are doing these events, I just would like to be able to actually complete some.

What is the basic opinion of events in Runes of Magic? Do you like them? hate them? don’t care? Do they need changed? if so how?


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