Kerensky Talks Gold, Spam, and a(subtle?) Hint To A New Zone With ZAM

ZAM talked with Community Manager Jörg “Kerensky” Koonen 2 days ago about current and future plans for Runes of Magic.  The conversation centers around players concerned with the state of in-game gold, and spam, with a snippet of future content plans finishing off the conversation.

Concerning the value of the games gold currency, Kerensky basically tells ZAM that they’ve tried, and are continuing to try new ways of sustaining the value of in-game gold, while paying attention to user feedback via the RoM forums.

As for spam, again not much info.  He mentions the addition of an “automated spam prevention”

The info I found most exciting was a mention of a new Zone.  Technically I had to scrutinize the dialogue as you can be sure it’s never as simple as “Yes, here’s what’s in the next patch…”

In the same paragraph that he mentions the new addition Return To The  Ice Dwarf Kingdom, which is scheduled for release in the next patch on June 3rd, he also mentions that he’s seen a new Zone that has a “…Native American feeling to it.”

It’s my guess that this zone will not be in June 3rd’s patch.  I think his choice of words is evidence of this.  I think he’d be more straightforward if he knew the zone was being included or not.  It, however, does not say that he knows either way.  So maybe I’ll be wrong and this new zone will be in the next patch.  What do you think?

The last interesting point to me is when he mentions the new race and 2 new classes, which pretty much the entire RoM community has known about for weeks.  He more clearly states these classes will both be of this new race, and “they will come with their own starting zones, story-line, quests and equipment.”

I think because he said “addon” and not “patch” that it’s a safe bet these classes won’t be in June 3rd’s patch.  But more importantly I’m wondering about these classes starting zones.

Are they going to add 2 new zones?  That, in my book, would be a significant increase in the size of the game world.

If we harken back to an older developer interview on we’ll see mention of 2 game updates coming: one in June, and one shortly after between August and October 2009.

Connecting the dots, whether some dates are slightly off or not would make one immediately assume that the new classes, now with the additional info of their own starting zones and RoM’s announcement of updates every month, will be here by October.

Now let’s go back to Kerensky’s mention of a new zone that has a Native American feel(Which has to be Wusa, the land to the north of Ravenfell).   I’m guessing it’s a safe bet this will be one of the new starting zones for one of the new classes, and that further adds to my reasoning why we won’t see any new zones on June 3rd.

These are just my opinions, so I’d like to know what you think?  After all it’s a bit sketchy to begin with.


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