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Runes of Magic On “No Prisoners, No Mercy” Podcast

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Saylah, writer of the blog Mystic Worlds was interviewed about Runes of Magic on the “No Prisoners, No Mercy” podcast.

She gives a very detailed description of how the game works.  It’s not boring to listen to, the hosts and guests are lively and funny, and Saylah gave it a shining review.  She really loves the game.

I have to agree with her, and she did a great job of pointing out some subtle but important differences that aren’t immediately apparent, but makes a huge difference that paints Runes of Magic’s systems in a better light than the way other MMORPGs do similar things.

The podcast is a total of 2 hours.  The first hour is all about Warhammer, while the second hour is all about Runes of Magic.

It’s a great podcast.  The hosts sound professional and are fun to listen to.


Runes of Magic Patch 1844

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Woohoo, more patchy goodness!

Patch notes Version

New Content

  • Capture the Runes (aka “Capture the Flag”)
    A new PvP arena has been added to the game. Here are the rules:

    • Two teams (6 players a side, “blue” vs. “red”) try to capture the enemies rune.
    • A team needs to achieve 3000 points to win the game.
    • Every successful capturing of a rune earns the team 500 points.
    • Every team gets 10 points every 15 seconds.
    • For each defeated enemy player the winner gets 25 points Honour. For repeated kills the same enemy grants less points.
    • Every player of the winning team gets 100 Honour points.
  • Lv. 50 Elite Skills
    To have access to these skills, players have to follow a new, unique quest line.
  • Ystra Dungeon Revamp
    The Ystra Labyrinth has been revisited. The monsters’ levels and powers have been adjusted. Their loot-tables have been edited as well.
  • Several daily quests have been added that lead players into the depths of the Ystra Labyrinth.

Bug Fixes

  • Guild Castles “Farm” and “Forge”
    • The descriptions of these two buildings has been corrected. You need 5 additional players to erect those.
  • Mage skill: Meteor Shower
    • A bug was fixed so that the debuff “Mind Attack” now will be triggered.
  • Rogue skill “Wound Attack”
    • The skill now does additional damage even if an other bleed effect is already in place.
  • Quest: “Archers from the Northeast”
    • The quest description has been corrected to reflect the correct requirements to complete the quest.
  • Quest: “The Council President’s Request”
    • Luanda’s position is now indicated by a red marker on the minimap.
  • Quest: “Crafty Bernok”
    • You now get the grill you need to place over the fire, when calling Bernok, as quest item.
  • Quest: “Get Some Fresh Water”
    • The water will now be replenished correctly.
  • Quest: “Breeding”
    • The trees you need to click on to complete the quest, are now clickable.
  • Quest: ” Hochwertiger Fleischeintopf”
    • The quest description (incl. the required materials) has been corrected.
  • Quest: “Materials for Mending”
    • Instead of 3x “Pure Bitterleaf extract”, you now only need 5x “Bitterleaf”.
  • Quest: “The Power to Protect”
    • The number of experience points and the amount of gold have been corrected.
  • Quest: “Stolen Merchandise”
    • The description has been corrected, making it easier to find the place where the merchandise has been lost.

Changes / Adjustements

  • Elite-monsters and above now have an increased chance to drop guild-runes. The amount of dropped guild-runes has been increased too.
  • Our grocers’ now offer Lettuce and Celery.
  • The cooldown-time of “Opportunity” (Elite-Skill, lv. 35) has been increased to 10 seconds.
  • The description of “Searing Light” (Elite-Skill, lv. 45) has been corrected.
  • The magical crit-rate of “Fire Arrow” (Elite-Skill, lv. 20) was increased from 3 to 30.
  • Weapon- and Defense skills
    The weapon and defense ranks now are taken into account when calculating damage and damage-reduction. Previously the results of damage-calculation were either too low or too high.
  • Priests’ group heals now cause more aggro.
  • “Enhanced Fishscale Leg Armor” – the additional +3 Int-Bonus has been removed.
  • “Bloodlust Cleaver” – the item has now been renamed to “Blood-Thirsty Battle Axe”.
    • The item can only be sold to NPC merchants.
  • The time to mount a mount has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Tempest height: Crates will now appear after each monster-kill. You no longer need Tempest Soul Stones to open them.
  • Crafting: The amount of material necessary to craft level 2 recipes has been reduced.

Item Shop

  • Temporary Potions
    The descriptions of potions that have a limited “life-time” now state that they are counting down even when the character is logged out.


  • “Soft Spot” has been renamed to “Open Flank”.
  • “Accurate Energy” has been renamed to “Concentrated Precision”
  • “Pursuing Shot” has been renamed to “Exploiting Shot”.
  • “Lion Power” has been renamed to “Power of the Lion”.

Changes To Elemental Shamans That Won’t Affect Me For Many Months

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Elitist Jerks posted Elemental relevant patch 3.2 changes.  Even though it will be a very long time before I need to worry about T9 or even T8 gear, it’s fun to look at.

It makes me incredibly happy I chose elemental for my main.  I’m still looking forward to buying my duel-spec and trying out full enhancement.

Restorative? pffff Yeah right.  I’m not some pale reflection of a healer wannabe.  I’m all about the lighting magic!

3.2 Elemental Changes

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Updating for new PTR patch notes as they come in.

General Changes

  • Flame Shock, Earth Shock, Earth Shock, Wind Shock range has been increased from 20 yards to 25 yards.
  • Elemental Oath only affects non-periodic spell critical strikes.
  • Elemental Focus only affects non periodic critical strikes.
  • Elemental Devastation now affects non-periodic offensive spell crits.

Shock range is the only real change, as the others are clarifications of current mechanics.

Shaman T9 Elemental Relic (Lightning Bolt) – Each time you cast Lightning Bolt, you have a chance to gain 200 haste rating for 12 sec.
This will need a 63% uptime to be useful with current values. Feedback from the PTR suggests no internal cooldown, which makes it fairly useful. A replacement to Hex, finally.

T9 2P (Flame Shock) – Increases the duration of your Flame Shock spell by 9 sec.
T9 4P (Lava Burst) – Increases the damage done by your Lava Burst spell by 20%

The 2pc bonus is useful, but if you already have T8 4pc, you’ll need to make up around 80-90 dps to drop T8 4pc and take T9 2pc. Currently it’s around 55 dps with or without the T8 2pc bonus that also affects FS.
The 4pc bonus is much more powerful. It’s around 205 dps, or 219 with Glyph of Lava, assuming it stacks additively with talents. Incidentally, it makes Glyph of Lava preferable to Glyph of ToW, as the break even point will be around the 3.2k spellpower figure, which you should be over with 4/5 T9.
The T8 totem (Thunderfall, adds 215 base damage to LvB) is still fairly useless, even with T9 4pc.

The Anti Anti-RMT Movement

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Last night I started thinking about RMT and how many people seem to dislike it.  After doing no research I came up with a theory.

The anti-RMT(real money transaction) movement seems to be made up predominantly of younger players.  These teens and tweens, on the surface, argue a lot of false logic to try and draw lines in the MMORPG sand to denote what’s fair and what’s not- with RMT usually on the unfair side.

What’s fair in an MMORPG?

I would think if you can do it, it’s fair- in regards to how the game was built.  Any hacking, cracking or general code tomfoolery would be a no-no of epic-fail proportions.

for some fair examples off the top of my noggin’

  • Playing 12 hours a day.
  • having a guild at level cap power level you to level cap in a week and give you 10,000 gold and the best gear in the game.
  • Finding a player much lower in PvP skill than you and camping them to generate oodles of reputation points.

Get the idea?

It’s very hard to find a focal point for determining fairness in large persistent virtual worlds.  Everyone has different amounts of time, skill, friends, and so forth.  There’s practically thousands of reasons that could effect outcomes.

  • Player A may be able to do the first 5 quests in five minutes
  • Player B may take 5 hours to do those same quests
  • Player C may do the first 2 quests then go PvP then fishing, or crafting, before going back to questing
  • Player D may spend 3 hours just chatting with friends

There’s surely not enough letters in the alphabet to cover all the different scenarios that could occur, and it’s foolish and illogical to try to quantify the near infinite amount of possible outcomes.

A common argument for anti-RMT’ers is time.  They try to make it sound almost as though the non-payer is some nobel person who chooses the hard route to some MMORPG enlightenment, but we know that isn’t true per the reasons I’ve already listed.

In a nutshell:

These anti-RMT’ers are achievement junkies and although they cry the unfairness route of payers, they are jealous.  They care about it because they feel payers are achieving something they are not, and they are trying desparately to concoct scenarios to remove these achievements(that only they are jealous of).


I’ve only ever payed once in my F2P career.  I paid $50 on Shaiya last Christmas to give Cash Shop items to my fellow guild officers and some of the more regular guild players, and kept a few for myself.  I’ve been playing Runes of Magic for 3 months and never spent anything…yet:)

Dept of Horde Affairs: Representin’

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Click here for full size

I dug up an old screen shot I took on the steps of the Stormwind bank.

Just me sporting a tux with my black cat pet.  Dept of Horde Affairs FTW!

Yep no other reason for this post.  Sorry, just showin’ off.

I so wish you could pay a fee or do a quest so you can name the regular pets in-game.

Zoning Out: Underwater or Underground zones

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Graphically an entire zone that is underwater or underground could look spectacular and add it’s own sense of immersion to an MMORPG.

Runes of Magic:

Runewaker is adding an entire underwater instance, in their upcoming Chapter 2 expansion.  Sounds very cool to me and could offer some interesting combat.  Swimming around in the water is basically slow flying.  Your untethered from the ground and have up and down added to the directions you can travel.

World of Warcraft:

Definitely some nice underground locations to explore, like in the Burning Steppes, which shows some very creative elements to an underground “world”.


Adding the ability to fly is in part due to the world lore and zone construction.  It’s definitely shown some great new elements to zones where you need to fly to reach different areas.

What about an entire zone being underground or underwater?

It would be interesting to have a flooded zone where you either had to constantly look for pockets of air, or you obtain a kind of scuba gear from quests to breathe underwater.

I like the idea of an underwater zone more than an underground zone for the added movement, restrictions, and graphical elements that could be implemented.  No doubt some interesting underground zones could be made.  Whether you had additional damage elements like rock slides, or not, there’s still something to be said for the atmosphere that could be created.

  • Mobs that can walk on walls and ceilings?
  • rare obtainable boots allowing you to walk or climb up certain areas?

There’s still a few subscription based MMORPGs I haven’t had hands on yet, so I don’t know if these two ideas have been done yet.

I know that Vanguard has some nice and large persistent dungeons.  Do they offer hidden underwater civilizations waiting to be discovered?

Upon creating this post, I find myself really wanting to stretch my brain and find creative designs for zones.  An old pet peeve of mine has always been that most zones never have any “up or down” apart from some hills.  Why can’t there be castles that reach into the sky with a vast variety of rooms and levels that connect and interconnect or a cave system that sits next to a sheer cliff, opening up at random location to look down to the vertigo inspiring depths?

Runes of Magic Machinima

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This video on youtube by user littlesin12 shows some promise but not much else.  For what it is, it seems pretty good.  It’s got my attention to tune in when they say the complete video will be done on July 3rd of this year.