RoM Offering Expert Skill Potion, and Powerful Exp Potion

I just caught this up on the front page- and by the way, I play on an international server so when I refer to the RoM site, it’s the international URL.

For all those on the road to level 50, we got a way to save a bit of time, because this week (02 – 05 June 2009) we have an offer that’s hard to refuse:

With our new potions players can gain more experience and talent points from fights. For one hour characters can gain 70% more points – and be even quicker to reach the maximum level.

And because there can be many dangerous situations, we reduced the costs of several items to allow for a more relaxed gaming experience: Big Angel’s Sigh, Daily Quest tickets, Phoenix Redemption potions and God’s Redemption tickets are now on sale.

True to the motto “More Fun, Less Pain”, we bundled each of these items with five Expert Skill Potions and five Powerful Experience Potions. That’s a cool and relaxing 30% off.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Oh how I’d love about 100 of the Skill Potions.  It would save me a lot of time on my Twink.


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