Runes of Magic Patch Notes

A lot of patchy goodness this week with RoM getting a sizable update as well as WoW.  I wouldn’t call it equal to WoW’s, oh wait…yes I would.  Hey, isn’t it funny how RoM and WoW have some big updates coming, and also had a smaller “pre-update patch” that just came out.  Oh the sometimes wacky world of business.  On to the patch.

New Content

  • Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom: Added new “heroic” area for lv. 50 players
  • New Elite Skills: Lv. 40 and lv. 45 Elite skills for all class-combinations added
  • Guild Castles: Construction Phase 2 has started. Guilds are now able to add new structures to their castles, providing guild members with special buffs or abilities.
    • Stable
    • Library
    • Farm
    • Forge
    • Academy

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Improved the Targeting System. Players should now have fewer difficulties to target monsters and NPCs when clicking on them.
  • A new spam protection measure has been introduced: It is possible to post only once every ten seconds in the Zone chat. Additional measures are being worked on.
  • Several recipes that were asking for the wrong ingredients have been revised.
  • Time limitation of World Channel has been canceled, but equally need to consume Megaphone.


  • Pasper’s Shrine
    • The monsters and bosses had their levels adjusted.
    • Changes on equipment within Pasper’s Shrine Instance.


  • High Quality Meat Stew: The level requirement was adjusted from 44 to 42.
  • Disrupt the Command: The text has been revised.
  • Where are the earrings?: An error with the name of an NPC has been corrected.
  • Save the Captives: An error with the name of an NPC has been corrected.
  • Don’t Lose another second: An error with the linked quest items and the required level of the item has been corrected.
  • Smuggling Businessman: Fixed the number of require items (Harpy Claw) changed into 30.


  • Music Festival end


  • Effect time changed into 600 seconds for Electric Attack (Lv 35 Elite Skill), the wind damage was reduced and removed the cooldown.
  • Max attack distance of Piercing Arrow has been slightly decreased – Scout
  • Max attack distance of Snipe has been slightly decreased – Scout
  • Fix of Obscure Vision Shoulder Guards – changed to Leather from Cloth.
  • Fix of Obscure Power Shoulder Armor – changed to Chain from Cloth.
  • Attack Range of Sapping Arrow is slightly shorter.
  • Attack Range of Weak Spot is slightly shorter.
  • Attack Range of Purifying Shot is slightly shorter.
  • Attack Range of Mana Arrows is slightly shorter.
  • Kalin Shrine – Modified the enemy search range for Yusalien to 50 from 200
  • Cyclops Lair – Modified all skills from Boddosh in
  • The Treasure Trove – dropped weapons of Boss has changed values.

Other changes

  • Information added about coloring part for all mounts
  • Level 50 recipes from the recipe merchant cannot be learned anymore.
  • Changes on three equipment parts – Enhanced Windchaser’s Leg Guards, Hat of Primal Might and Enhanced Green Lotus Trousers.
  • Bug fixes for crafting recipes – Whirlwind Leg Guards, Hat of Primal Might and Green Wood Trousers.
  • Changes of required materials of „Recipe-Enhanced Fierce Warrior’s Axe”

Known Issues

  • Players can spawn at another place after login, if they logged out within the guild hall.

I’m very pleased to see some recipe readjustments-they really do love us crafters, they really really do.  Although I was hoping that they’d include the plant system they teased us about over a week ago.

Seeing bug fixes is always good. No matter what it is.  No one wants bugs of any kind in a game.

I see many skills pertaining to rogues and scouts got nerfed.  I’m looking forward to a whole afternoon of humorous nerdrage on the RoM forums.

No more special event for the time being.  The Music Festival is over.  No matter, I wasn’t any good at it anyways.  But I hope they add a new event soon, it’s nice to have them.  They bring players together, and overpopulate previously underpopulated areas, and bring together players of all levels.

How’s the new patch treating you? Is the new targeting system a major difference? or is it a nice touch?  Has it taken you up a couple PvP ranks?  What are you overall thoughts, opinions, comments on this patch and the upcoming “big update”?


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