All Your E3 2009 Runes of Magic Coverage Are Belong To Me

See more NEW Screenshots here

Well not quite, It are belong to MMOHUB and Online Massively Multiplayer but I didn’t want to change the title- I liked it too much.

I had no sooner sat down with my Reed’s Ginger Beer, which makes a great alternative to Mt. Dew- if you’re feeling like a change(A very unique drink), than I saw the latest RoM news on Twitter: E3 Coverage of Runes of Magic!

  • More Elite Skills (Yeah yeah, get to the good stuff)
  • 6 vs 6 PvP Arena
  • Capture the flag Arena
  • Info on how those other buildings, in Guild zones, will work
  • Chapter 2 info

Okay while there is no answer on when, exactly, the PvP stuff is coming, let me skip to the structures you can “build” in Guild Castle zones.

These structures will play heavily towards Guild Wars as each structure can be built to different levels, but require a large amount of resources.  Guilds are going to find themselves building and re-building quite a bit as during a Guild War these building can be damaged(de-leveled) or even destroyed.

Now sing with me: These are a few of my favorite things

Probably the coolest thing was the info about Chapter 2: The Elven Phophecy.

With pictures and HD video for the RoM community to drool over.

zOMG! What is that?, wait, WHERE is that?

OMG!, OMG!, zzzzzzOMG!!!!!

Chapter 2 is bringing with it improved graphics for old and new areas.

A new graphics engine to have improved textures and shades as well as improved water graphics above, and below water.  The picture of the merfolk looks to be underwater, which has me excited at the prospect of a breathing meter that the devs hinted about ages ago.

The 2 new classes are being released as well(but oddly still no info on what, exactly, those classes will be).

Level cap is being raised to 55

Now we know there is at least 2 new maps being added(Oh please let there be more): The Weeping Coast and Heart of The Ocean

zz…z.z..z.z…zzz O…M…G *okay deep breathes*

The pet system is on it’s way, although no info about it yet, just that it’s…well, on it’s way.

We’re also being treated to a new soundtrack, which has me cracking a wry smile.  I’m one of those players that actually listens to the games music.  I enjoy quite a bit of RoM’s tracks, so I’m curious to hear a new soundtrack.

Still not enough to satiate your ravenous appetite for new content info?  Yeah same here, that’s why I got some juicy new dungeon news.

Remember I hinted at the picture of merfolk above?  Well tis a completely underwater dungeon!  Yep complete with stinging jellyfish, mermaids, and mermen.  It will be a 6-man dungeon with mobs starting above 50(note I said “starting”).

So are you interested in seeing the video?  Peep this playa!

Okay, I’m updating this post as often as I see mistakes/changes in info around the net, so come back often and a lot.
As for me, I just wanted to say one of my favorite smaller additions, that MMOHUB talked about were the structures:

many of the buildings in the first town you’ll encounter in Chapter 2 can be entered, and you’ll see decorations unique to each one, making them feel more real.

That’s what I love, more immersion/realism in the game, and building you can go in, up, around, etc…

UPDATE: Free MMO Gamer is reporting that the pets will be trainable to aid you in battle, and the first part of the content will be released in August(where the level cap will be raised to 52) followed by the Chapter 2 release in September.

UPDATE 2: IGN has a slew of new and georgeous screenshots from the coming updates.

UPDATE 3: Massively released thier screen shot photos of lots of new world content, including mobs you won’t see anywhere else.

UPDATE 4: Spike has this developers walkthrough video showing the developer describing new content as he runs through it on his “ICE LION”.


4 Responses to “All Your E3 2009 Runes of Magic Coverage Are Belong To Me”

  1. Julystork Says:

    Anything about overnerfed Scouts & OP M/Ps?

  2. Lol, what he said, its taking me along to hit 50 by itself…55 if going to be a trek 😛

  3. […] Development posted on the forums about some changes being made, to Runes of Magic, between now and September’s major update.  Among addressing class balancing issues and graphical quandaries, they had a paragraph about […]

  4. […] is adding an entire underwater instance, in their upcoming Chapter 2 expansion.  Sounds very cool to me and could offer some interesting combat.  Swimming around in the water […]

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