My Characters(Edit)

Even though I posted links, to the characters I play, on the ‘About’ page, I thought I’d make it into a more intrusive post.

These are nice little pages that show you visually what my characters are wearing and info about their different professions and so on.

Runes of Magic: International Server set

Server: Smacht, Main, Mobly, Knight/Priest, 49/36

Server: Smacht, Alt, Abernacky, Warrior/Mage, 16/15

World of Warcraft:

Server: Akama, Main, Gnosigence, Alliance, Elemental Draenei Shaman, 58

As you can see, Mobly has fairly decent gear, no thanks to me.  All the good gear I have is completely thanks to my friend Redorick(You’ll be getting it all back).

I’m thinking of making Abernacky a level 22 Twink, until the Devs decide how they want to section off arena into levels.  If they are going to have the arena match every 5 levels, then I’ll take Abernacky up to level 24 or 25(depending which is highest allowed in that group).  I’m making the level 22 “.RS” Windmill set for him, and plan on going with a 2-H Axe. I’m definitely tiering, and +’ing all the gear(how could I call him a Twink otherwise).  Finally I’ll find some appropriate looking gear for him, and aggragate it all to get the style I want.  He is supposed to be a short, stocky, red-bearded dwarf after all.  I need him to look the part.  I also want to get him the red “fire” Wartiger mount.  I think it would compliment him nicely.  Although I so wish they’d release some type of armored bear mount.

As for Gnosigence, he needs a ton of work. I’ve only tried one instance(Sunken Temple) and my group wiped right before the last boss.  Gnosigence was my first character in WoW and along with jumping in to play with a veteran friend, I simply followed him around.  It wasn’t until months later I started learning and exploring on my own, hence the lack of growth in many areas for someone level 58.  Luckily it turns out, I love Shamans.  I will definitely be keeping him. I want to go back and at least experience many of the lower level instances now, and really start working on him.

As you can see, I almost have enough rep in Darnassus to get a tiger mount.  It’s funny, It’s taken me ages to get that rep, and now I’m level 58, and already I’m looking to get an Amani War bear(yes the baddest of the bad, in my opinion) at level 70.  [Edit: I found threads on Thottbot stating that you can no longer get the Amani War Bear.  Which means I won’t be online tonight as I’ll be holding a candlelight vigil.] My mining is ok, but my jewelcraft is way behind for my level.  With my low tradeskill level plus the jewelcrafting nerf in the last patch, I may just switch to blacksmithing.  I don’t think it matters all that much.  Blizzard took a fun crafting system and made it practically useless.


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