Where Do Runes of Magic Users Come From?

Mostly Germany.  Okay I’ll wait a moment for all the shock and surprise to settle down.

Done?  Good.

Alexa, the web information company, lists traffic details for RoM as well as where people come from, who are visiting the site.

  • 40.3% Germany
  • 19.9% United States
  • 4.4% France
  • 3.4% Austria
  • 2.1% India

Okay so it’s no surprise Germany is garnering the most visits as Frogster, the publisher, is a German company.  Not to mention they have been stocking store shelves, in Germany, with boxed copies of the game.

Runes of Magic is cutting quite a wedge into the Free2Play MMORPG market with revolutionary gameplay that’s closer to a large company run Pay2Play than any other Free2Play in the industry.

Frogster is obviously advertising to English speaking audiences, as seen on most of the MMORPG-centric video game sites.  But I wonder if they’d entertain doing a bit more, or if it would take too much time and money away from what current players would want?

Would you like to see some TV ads on major stations like Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, MTV, or Scifi channel?

Would this be a bad idea as it would take too much attention off working on parts of the game that still contain bugs, and focusing on what players want?


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