Leaked Images of Closed Zones In Runes of Magic(EDIT)

We’ve seen various screenshots or two of these zones before, but a RoM forum member put a nice handful all in one place for us to enjoy.  Personally I know there’s even more pictures to be had from other zones not shown in any of the screen shots, but I can’t reveal my sources.  It’s exciting to see that the world of Taborea will be growing significantly.

Edit: Massivley has tons of photos of the new content from E3, including: Many mob screenshots, and locations screenshots.


4 Responses to “Leaked Images of Closed Zones In Runes of Magic(EDIT)”

  1. shadowfix Says:

    What if I told you I know ‘someone’ who can port you there already…

    • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

      It is pretty funny. RoM may need to find better ways of sectioning zones, I don’t know.

      Actually I have markers all over places. Me and two friends “got there” and explored for like 2 hours. There’s some really cool places, even if they were unfinished.

      • shadowfix Says:

        I have been running around there since December last year. It was my spot to lose negative reputation. Back then Weeping Coast was still named Wusa Coast. I’m curious though…is there any population yet? I haven’t checked in a while because I don’t have the game installed atm.

      • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

        I haven’t been back there since before Ravenfell was released. Maybe a few weeks after that, I did ask my friend, and he said he only noticed a few rendering finishes on some of the buildings that were all white(without any rendered graphics applied to the walls).

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