Please Runewaker, We Want “Created By…” Added To Equipment Stats

It’s one of those little things that make a big difference, like incidental sounds.

Players get a sense of pride, bragging rights, and some may not know why they crave to see that “Created by…” tag below the item stat, but it makes them smile anyway.All that notoriety for what could hardly be considered an over investment of code and time to implement this, should be reason enough.

So why hasn’t Runewaker implemented it in Runes of Magic?  Is it because they have specific plans on how it will be implemented?  Are we going to see something in the Item Mall for it?

My opinion is that this has already been brought to developers attention or they already considered it.  And considering they didn’t throw the idea out the window completely(which I just can’t believe), they no doubt have plans for it.

I posted an idea on the RoM forums about this.  A simple Item Mall “stamper” could be purchased for so many diamonds, and for non-paying-players a larger quantity of Phirius Tokens could purchase this one-time stamper.

But do you think that’s enough?  I was thinking, maybe this setup is too easy? First of all, unlike other MMO’s every single piece of equipment can be either crafted or modded.  Would this aspect lower the importance of having an item ‘created by…’ someone?

I’m leaning toward a slightly harder to obtain goal or limit the stamper to items of a certain tier(like only items tier 3 or higher).

What do you think?  Just implement it in game with no cost? or have some sort of cost/requirements.


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