I’ve been having so much fun working on my War/Mage Twink.  He’s level 16/15 and I’ve got a nice set of the blue Hochim armor(accessories all +1, with a tier 2 helmet).  I’m not going to upgrade anymore though, as I’m working on the level 22 Hochim.RS set.

I was running through and around Logar gathering and crafting to up all my professions.  I was at the mailbox only half paying attention yet  I knew this was a common place to get ganked.

High level players love to get you while your checking mail, or using your bank.

Turns out it really wasn’t a ganker but a rogue one level higher than me(I was on my Warrior at the time).

I still need to work on my reaction speed, because he beat me.  I saw I got him half-way down in health so I decided to seek revenge.  I was already set pretty good, I figured.  I had some roasted fish that gave me +20% to physical attack for 10 minutes, plenty of health potion, all my gear on, and the spawn point was within site of the mailbox.

He hadn’t gone far, just across the road from the mailbox.  I was thinking I took him by surprise this time.  I nailed him with a level 15 fireball, ran up behind him and started hacking at him with my 2 handed axe.  There was a pause and then he took off running the way he was facing with me in hot pursuit.  He had started to curve slightly to the right which led us both in front of Dan the Merchant where he stopped to face me.

He started out quite strong and was dealing fast damage to me.  Even being a rogue it was still enough damage to make me think he popped his special 5 minute skill.  I had plenty of low level health potion but wasn’t sure it was going to work.  As it turns out, it was enough.  I drank a potion and hit my 5 minute to increase my accuracy and DPS.

Thankfully he hadn’t tried to run around too much, which I think really worked in my favor as well.

All together it only took about a minute to take him down, and he dropped a bag, that I quickly snatched up.

Of course I had a sudden surge of glee from a successfull revenge but it was made all the sweeter as another player shouted “Haha, revenge is a (*#@(” just as I was picking up the bag.

On top of the thrill of victory, he dropped a lamp that is now sitting on my table, in my house.  It was a good day.


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