Group Crafting or: “Craft Party”

I’ve been talking a lot about crafting(well, why not? I love it).  I wrote a post on making a crafting-centric MMORPG, and even followed it up with another small post to flesh out some ideas a bit more.

This post is more of the same, but concentrating on an idea that came while I was drifting off to dreamland.

I thought of trying to integrate(or replace) current gaming elements with a crafting based element.  I started by thinking of how a player party works.

If you could have a special group(or party) recipes that would be complete with level requirements and profession requirements but also require 2-5 players being in a party to craft.

  • 2-5 players formed into a party
  • each player in party requires a copy of special party recipe, and the required craft skill(s)

Let’s start with a basic 5-man party and run down some ideas I came up with

So you have your party and your all gathered around the correct station and you all have a copy of the recipe and meet the skill level requiremen(s).

  • Anyone in the party can start the process by opening up your profession/tradeskill window.  Simply clicking on the recipe will run a check to see if you are actually in a party and everyone meets the requirements.  Where a new Craft Party window will open for everyone in the party.

I think it’d be neat to have a craft skill point system like in EQ2 or Vanguard, so let’s say that’s already in this imaginary MMORPG.

  • With the Craft Party window open you will need to check with all party members to coordinate your efforts.  Once everyone is ready, you can hit a button that says “start”, on the window.
  • One the process is started a bar appears that slowly fills up depending on the difficulty and/or level of the item being crafted.
  • Let’s say, for this example, you are working on a mid-level chest armor, that would result in a blue piece, thus the timer for this would be one minute.
  • The timer starts to tick across as the party is now “crafting” the item.  As the timer progresses, there will be a percentage change of difficulty which will open up a new smaller window randomly for one or more of the players.
  • This new window would represent complications, and will only give you, one of the other players, or even multiple players at the same time, a few seconds to click a button to overcome the complication
  • The complication will require a certain amount of extra “craft skill points” from each member that is required to overcome it.  If they do not have enough points, then the complication stays and the item will have flaws(it could still be a good item).  In addition to extra craft points, some of the complications may require additional numbers of one of the indgredients(so make sure to stock up)
  • There will be an opportunity, toward the end of crafting to add any enhancements based off of players professions(if 1 or more players have a profession that allows gem making or alchemy, this part of the progress bar will give you a small window of opportunity to click to get enhancements added)
  • Enhancements will be treated the same way, with random complications throughout that need all players attention.

Now this was a basic thought I had.  I know it’s not that original or complex, or maybe not even as fun as it could be, but I like the idea that I’m shooting for and just need to flesh it out a bit more.

Also, I know what you’re thinking.  Who gets the item? or does each member get the item.  Well, I thought about it, and so far my idea for fun, risk, gambling, and so forth was that only 1 item gets made, unless all party members have enough of the required resources, and craft points.

So here is where I’d backtrack and say as soon as the craft party window opens, and before you click start, each player will have a small box to input a “bid” taken from their pool of craft points.

This leaves a fun gambling aspect.  You need to guess how much you can bid to win, and still have enough points to actually get through the process and any unforeseen complications.

What about if you only have 2 people, or 3 people in the party, instead of 5?

I was thinking there could be a grade scale to determine the outcome.  Say you have 5 grades.  So the item will only be grade 2, if 2 people craft, etc….

Sure it would drive people to only want to do it with 5 people, but I don’t think it would stop smaller parties from crafting.  You just need to make all items worthwhile.

I mean, as it is, there are better drops than others, but not everyone goes for them?  Player psychology, time restraints? I’m not too sure but if craft party recipes are special to begin with, a lower grade one will still be better than a lot of solo crafted ones.


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