The Next WoW Killer!

I don’t have a magical crystal ball, and can’t see the future.  I do have access to video game analytic reports and some news wires.  The analytical reports are fairly dry and mostly based on general public perceptions that the public can mostly foresee on their own, and by the time I get around to the press releases in the news wire, the “news” really isn’t news anymore.

So I don’t really feel I have access to any secret knowledge months or even weeks before the general public.

So many people see a new game and wihtout any knowledge of that game, apart from maybe a flashy screenshot and what the publisher says about it, want to start flooding forums with “XXXX will be the WoW killer!”

Well I know what the next WoW killer is.  As a matter of fact, so do you.  It’s not lying under a thousand years of dust in some dark Kobolt dungeon somewhere, and it’s not a superhero that hasn’t even been born yet.

It’s a well known, well oiled, Golem that has been trampling the video game industry for years gathering a ravenous following of believers, and amassing a wealth of talent and money.

Yes, it’s Blizzard.  Blizzard, the developers of WoW will be the next WoW killer.

Blizzard is perhaps the most successful company in the video game industry.

They built a terrific reputation of creating great titles that worked, and worked well.  Along the way they managed to nurture a growing horde of fans the way only a boy band could.

Yes, Blizzard has already announced production of a new MMORPG that is not a current IP- meaning it is not a current title they have.  No Diablo Online, and no World of Starcraft.  A completely new world.  They are starting with a blank page.  They will take some time at it, as the only downside to Blizzard is they tend to take a long time to release something.  They need to create a brand new world lore for this new creature.

Blizzard has also developed a business all their own.  One they could practically patent, since they started WoW years ago.  This business model they use is also a very large part of the success of WoW, and they’ll be taking it(no doubt) to this new MMORPG they are developing.

So there you have it.  What you and I all ready suspected(maybe not hoped for).

Although this wasn’t much of any news or terribly interesting commentary, I wanted to use this post as a lead in to another I’m going to write about the future of Runes of Magic.


2 Responses to “The Next WoW Killer!”

  1. I agree. I think any sort of WoW Killer will be created by Blizzard and Blizzard alone.

    Still, I’m slightly concernced about the new IP thing. Blizzard haven’t exactly made a lot of original games. Remember these are the guys who did Lost Vikings and Rock ‘n Roll Racing 🙂 And since 1998, they haven’t made a new IP!

  2. In part , id like to agree with you. Blizzard is known to make bad ass games, and possible the only company that can actually make a wow killer. But we gotta give other games a chanse. Sure there is nothing out there right now that can kill Wow BUT how about we give Aion A chanse 😀 that game looks pretty bad ass ! lol and people have told me that is an awesome game, i wouldn’t know as i have not had the chance to play it 😦 but does look sweet

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