Runes of Magic Forums

I’m thinking of taking a break from the RoM forums.  I’m starting to take things a bit too personal, and it just makes me feel upset.  I don’t want to feel upset.

I’m going to try still visiting them to find ideas to write about or check on any news and goings on.  If that still proves too much temptation for me, I’ll take a break from even visiting.

Clear my head and all that stuff.


2 Responses to “Runes of Magic Forums”

  1. What is it about the forums there that makes them so bad? I’ve been tempted to pick up RoM lately, but if the community sucks, then I might not. Are the in-game people as headache-inducing as those on the forums?

    I do my best to avoid forums these days, especially official ones. I can generally get much higher quality commentary and discussion through blogs and comments than I can on official forums.

  2. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    No, it’s been my personal experience that firstly only a very small percentage of players actually “participate” in forums.

    I’d also say that just like any forum, mostly loud mouths that want to be heard use it, while a lot of the good players rarely, if ever, use it.

    I wouldn’t judge RoM too much, by it’s forums.

    Having said that. They need to start “checking” people. People need a little incentive to keep them a bit more accountable. I’ve read so many discouraging posts where they are really rude and disrespectful towards each other and especially the developers and Kerensky-the Community Manager(he had to stop taking private messages and doesn’t write much as he used to).

    To a degree, it’s not much different than any MMO forum. I just personally needed a break:)

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