Totem Combo Drops and More…

More news for Shamans with WoW’s patch3.2 PTR.

I just linked to Massively’s breakdown as I found it sufficient to explain everything sans my comments.

First of all I wanted to mention a little disclaimer.

All these patches are fine.  They ultimately are making things easier, which is hard to argue, because most people want things easier.  Unless it’s obviously too extremely easy, who’s really gonna argue?

Overall I see it as WoW preparing their deathbed.  Not hypothetically but willfully and purposefully.  I think they are preparing to keep WoW a viable money maker by catering to a casual crowd.  Why not?  They’ve had a great run, and are about 5 years old now.  Blizzard is working on a new MMORPG anyway.

Anyway, the changes to Shaman class are fairly plentiful and providing a bar where you can pre-set 4 separate totems to drop at once, will definitely make surprise PvP more manageable.

I haven’t jumped back in the game yet(I’ve been out of it for going on a month), but I think when I get back to it(soon), My overall experience probably won’t have changed all that much.

Chainheal doesn’t matter to me to much.  Of course it’ll help when I do use it, but that’s hardly ever.

The new rule for Ghost Wolf form is awesome.  This is really a neat addition as there wasn’t much of any reason to go into ghost wolf form except for asthetical purposes.

The talent changes make things easier too.  Faster regens and all that.

Much of it is better suited to Resto Shamans though, and I’m Elemental.

Although I’m very excited to try the dual-spec.  I want the other to be Enhancement spec.  I’ve secretly wanted to be able to call 3 ghost wolf elementals to my aid for a long time now.


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