Runes of Magic World Lore

A current unfortunate downside to the still fairly young F2P MMORPG Runes of Magic is the seemingly scant amount of World Lore.

Part of the ‘welcome message’ on RoM’s site says:

Now the time has come for you to explore Taborea and shape its future

Indeed it seems they are creating a majority of the lore as you play.  This could be fun for current players, if they can participate in special events that help shape Taborea’s future-history.

Even still, I wonder if it’s just more fun to lay out the bulk of the story and it’s background from the beginning?  Will players joining the game 2 years from now find more enjoyment in Taborea after it’s pumped out lots of world lore?

There’s already been some forum posts about RP’ers and regular players wanting more story.  Some have asked for contests to be held where the community writes stories and Runewaker and/or Frogster pick the winners to be included in official lore (Personally I love these ideas to get a little online/offline community spirit going).

There is a bit of world lore, on the RoM site that covers major Eras of history, leading up to the current Era.

Recently I discovered a nice batch of additional area-specific world lore.  It doesn’t cover every current zone in Runes of Magic, but it is more specific, and even drops certain people’s names.

If you haven’t seen them already, you’ll definitely want to fill yourself in on these key areas to learn how they came to be.


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