Picture Perfect: Ice Dwarf Valley

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While I still hold out for my screen shot to make it on Massively’s One-shots section, I figure I could do my own screen shot category to show off some in-game scenes.

I love going around taking scenic pictures and was especially proud of this one.

I bumped up the graphics, turned off my UI, and went into First-Person mode.

It is especially cool because there are no mobs showing.

This is in the area of Dragonfang Ridge known as Ice Dwarf Valley from Runes of Magic.  I think Dragonfang Ridge is the most geographically spectacular zone in the game.  The graphics and water textures appear, to me, to be the best of all the zones, and there are so many unique areas hidden around every turn.

If you want to show me your screenshots, just email them to me at jeremystratton[AT]gmail[DOT]com


3 Responses to “Picture Perfect: Ice Dwarf Valley”

  1. Maybe a dumb question, but how do you turn off the UI?

    Nice shot. 😀

    • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

      No problem, there’s lots of little controls that aren’t explained as best they could.

      CRTL+Z will turn your RoM UI on/off

  2. Excellent, thanks! Now, if I could just get my ISP to behave for the duration of the client download…

    I’m looking forward to the streaming client that I’ve heard is in the works. It might work better for my spotty system.

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