Twinks In World of Warcraft

I’m not a big PvP fan.  I like it enough to have the added element in the server I join.  Plus I do enjoy jumping in the arena now and then.  I’m anything but hardcore though.

I read the information about the changes to battlegrounds in WoW, and I think it is one more step to making WoW a casual game.  I do like the idea, and will definitely jump back in.

I’m not very good in PvP, and I never have even close to the best gear.  So I was always infuriated when I’d want to try the Arena.  It would constantly have Twinks that would kill me in one second or less.  I never had a chance.

This new system allows players to earn XP in battlegrounds and lets you turn XP gain on/off.  No doubt Twinks that want to stay twinks at the top of their level group don’t want to level out and can turn XP gain off.  The condition to this is that you will only go into the Arena paired with other players who have also turned off XP gain.

I love this idea.  I will admit I also have a secret sadistic side that secretly loves the idea of all the players that are going to be screaming in adolescent hormonal rage at this.  Yes, the same ones that want to convince the non-Twinks they don’t simply get off on repeatedly ganking you, but that they love the challenge and skill required to be a “good player”.

However, will the ranking system  be separated?  I don’t know if I’d want to be a Twink fighting Twinks, and then simply be out ranked by someone playing in the other battleground.  If there are ranking boards to show each XP off Arena ranks, and XP on ranks, then that will be pretty cool.  I will be very interested to see how rankings change, for Twinks.  We might actually be able to see more “skilled” players getting their due.

Ultimately, there won’t be much change in player responses.  Nerfs and updates just serve to shift the tide.  It doesn’t make the waters rise.


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