Runewaker to Rebuild the Crafting System In Runes of Magic.

Today Runewaker Development posted on the forums about some changes being made, to Runes of Magic, between now and September’s major update.  Among addressing class balancing issues and graphical quandaries, they had a paragraph about crafting that had my ears standing at attention.

Crafting – We are in the midst of re-working the crafting system. It will be in 3 phases and should all be complete and live before Chapter 2. The 1st phase will be a basic clean up and difficulty adjustment of existing recipes. 2nd and 3rd phase will be adding on the “value” and “fun” of crafting.

This has an electric charge surging through my body tingling all my senses, and has me scratching my neck and arms like a nervous junky.

This sounds like a major overhaul.  What could they be doing?  they’re not starting from a blank page are they?

Well from the blurb about “re-adjusting” the recipes, my guess is the craft system will retain all of its major functions(I.E. gathering resources, finding or buying recipes, and crafting the items).

Based on forum complaints, most seem to want 1-click gathering and easier to construct recipes.  I think this is a very touchy subject.  I’m not even fully sure how it should be treated.  I know that, as a “crafter”, I want a big, deeply involving crafting system the same way an endgamer wants an awesomely big instance or open dungeon to battle his way through to get to the boss(‘s).

I don’t know what was discussed during closed beta, I never got accepted until the tail end of phase 3(about 2 weeks before Open Beta).  I had assumed they worked most ideas/problems out.  Currently the crafting system is unfinished but I convinced myself that they had all the plans in the works and just needed to finish implementing them.  Now we see them changing the entire system, but how significantly?

I’m going to just settle my nerves by being optimisitc about these new changes.  I’m guessing they’ll make gathering less “intense”, and some of the larger epic recipe sets require less ingredients overall.  Maybe they’ll also use this time to implement the plant system they mentioned weeks ago?  Also, they may have to reconfigure node spawn points, as more zones are coming(unless they figured that in ahead of time).

This means one thing for sure.  I’m putting my Twink on hold until September’s update.  I was farming the Windmill instance for ingredients required in the first major epic set to build for him.

As for anything else, who knows.  Will they put in a craft skill point system?  They do say they will be adding the “value” and “fun” to the system.  This value they speak of could probably be a way to make the recipes and craftable items worthwhile compared to the other drops obtained in-game.  The “fun” does sound like maybe a more interactive system.  Perhaps something closer along the lines of Vanguard’s or EQ2’s craft systems?

Ultimately we’ll just have to wait until Runewaker decides to leak more info to us or the update goes live.


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