Origins of Runes of Magic’s World Lore

I found some interesting information on Runes of Magic’s world lore, after surfing the web a bit. has a small blurb that looks like they used a machine translator on that states:

Radiant Arcana game world comes from a book called Sefer Yezirah, all the great races in the world surround with a fateful rune stone, open out a series of world-shaking war between justice and evil. And the players’ role was born from such an age. From a wet behind the ears young warrior to a great hero, players will be familiar with the entire game world little by little and follow the fate step. You can look into the mother earth from a high angle in the top of the mountain, run in the wide plain, explore on the endless glacier, and struggle with the fierce evil dragon, being chased by gigantic giant, competed with powerful daimon corps.

What is this book?

A search on Sefer Yezirah took me to my next stop on Wikipedia for the definition of “Sefer Yetzirah“.  This is a much speculated Jewish historical tome that speculates on how God created the world.  The listing does mention:

…through “32 wondrous ways of wisdom“: Ten Numbers (‘Sefirot,’ the origin for the Sefirot of later Kabbalah), and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet – Three “Mother” Letters (אמש), Seven “Doubles” (בגדכפרת), and Twelve “Simples” (הוזחטילנסעצק)…

What’s this have to do with Runes of Magic?

Maybe nothing.  Although there does seem to be a very small connection between RoM’s runes and the Hebrew letters mentioned.  Beyond that it doesn’t really explain Mages, dragons, naga, elves, or anything else really.

So my search continues.


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