Runes of Magic: What’s That Name? “Perodia”

I love the Ents in Aslan.  They’re just very cool looking mobs, and what I think Ents should look like.

If you exit the side of the forest where Borrofar can be found, cross the road, and head behind that big buidling known as the Distillery, you’ll find more Ents and Bears roaming around.  It’s in this area you’ll find the Elite mob “Perodia” who looks just like any other Ent but has a tremendous amount of HP.  If your lucky you may even see two Perodia spawned at once(now that would be a fight and a half).

Parodia happens to be the name of a genus of plant.  Sounds suitable for the big walking tree right?  Oddly enough, parodia is a genus of cacti.  Why didn’t they use this name for the Cactus Boss in Dust Devil Canyon?


2 Responses to “Runes of Magic: What’s That Name? “Perodia””

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