Runes of Magic On “No Prisoners, No Mercy” Podcast

Saylah, writer of the blog Mystic Worlds was interviewed about Runes of Magic on the “No Prisoners, No Mercy” podcast.

She gives a very detailed description of how the game works.  It’s not boring to listen to, the hosts and guests are lively and funny, and Saylah gave it a shining review.  She really loves the game.

I have to agree with her, and she did a great job of pointing out some subtle but important differences that aren’t immediately apparent, but makes a huge difference that paints Runes of Magic’s systems in a better light than the way other MMORPGs do similar things.

The podcast is a total of 2 hours.  The first hour is all about Warhammer, while the second hour is all about Runes of Magic.

It’s a great podcast.  The hosts sound professional and are fun to listen to.


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