Runes of Magic Patch 1844

Woohoo, more patchy goodness!

Patch notes Version

New Content

  • Capture the Runes (aka “Capture the Flag”)
    A new PvP arena has been added to the game. Here are the rules:

    • Two teams (6 players a side, “blue” vs. “red”) try to capture the enemies rune.
    • A team needs to achieve 3000 points to win the game.
    • Every successful capturing of a rune earns the team 500 points.
    • Every team gets 10 points every 15 seconds.
    • For each defeated enemy player the winner gets 25 points Honour. For repeated kills the same enemy grants less points.
    • Every player of the winning team gets 100 Honour points.
  • Lv. 50 Elite Skills
    To have access to these skills, players have to follow a new, unique quest line.
  • Ystra Dungeon Revamp
    The Ystra Labyrinth has been revisited. The monsters’ levels and powers have been adjusted. Their loot-tables have been edited as well.
  • Several daily quests have been added that lead players into the depths of the Ystra Labyrinth.

Bug Fixes

  • Guild Castles “Farm” and “Forge”
    • The descriptions of these two buildings has been corrected. You need 5 additional players to erect those.
  • Mage skill: Meteor Shower
    • A bug was fixed so that the debuff “Mind Attack” now will be triggered.
  • Rogue skill “Wound Attack”
    • The skill now does additional damage even if an other bleed effect is already in place.
  • Quest: “Archers from the Northeast”
    • The quest description has been corrected to reflect the correct requirements to complete the quest.
  • Quest: “The Council President’s Request”
    • Luanda’s position is now indicated by a red marker on the minimap.
  • Quest: “Crafty Bernok”
    • You now get the grill you need to place over the fire, when calling Bernok, as quest item.
  • Quest: “Get Some Fresh Water”
    • The water will now be replenished correctly.
  • Quest: “Breeding”
    • The trees you need to click on to complete the quest, are now clickable.
  • Quest: ” Hochwertiger Fleischeintopf”
    • The quest description (incl. the required materials) has been corrected.
  • Quest: “Materials for Mending”
    • Instead of 3x “Pure Bitterleaf extract”, you now only need 5x “Bitterleaf”.
  • Quest: “The Power to Protect”
    • The number of experience points and the amount of gold have been corrected.
  • Quest: “Stolen Merchandise”
    • The description has been corrected, making it easier to find the place where the merchandise has been lost.

Changes / Adjustements

  • Elite-monsters and above now have an increased chance to drop guild-runes. The amount of dropped guild-runes has been increased too.
  • Our grocers’ now offer Lettuce and Celery.
  • The cooldown-time of “Opportunity” (Elite-Skill, lv. 35) has been increased to 10 seconds.
  • The description of “Searing Light” (Elite-Skill, lv. 45) has been corrected.
  • The magical crit-rate of “Fire Arrow” (Elite-Skill, lv. 20) was increased from 3 to 30.
  • Weapon- and Defense skills
    The weapon and defense ranks now are taken into account when calculating damage and damage-reduction. Previously the results of damage-calculation were either too low or too high.
  • Priests’ group heals now cause more aggro.
  • “Enhanced Fishscale Leg Armor” – the additional +3 Int-Bonus has been removed.
  • “Bloodlust Cleaver” – the item has now been renamed to “Blood-Thirsty Battle Axe”.
    • The item can only be sold to NPC merchants.
  • The time to mount a mount has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Tempest height: Crates will now appear after each monster-kill. You no longer need Tempest Soul Stones to open them.
  • Crafting: The amount of material necessary to craft level 2 recipes has been reduced.

Item Shop

  • Temporary Potions
    The descriptions of potions that have a limited “life-time” now state that they are counting down even when the character is logged out.


  • “Soft Spot” has been renamed to “Open Flank”.
  • “Accurate Energy” has been renamed to “Concentrated Precision”
  • “Pursuing Shot” has been renamed to “Exploiting Shot”.
  • “Lion Power” has been renamed to “Power of the Lion”.


4 Responses to “Runes of Magic Patch 1844”

  1. Any word on when their purported streaming client will be available? And any word on whether or not you can fire that skanky maid?

  2. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complaint about the made.

    Although, they did change the made in Obsidian Stronghold awhile ago. She used to be the “skanky” one, now she’s more covered;)

    I haven’t seen any news about the streaming client yet, sorry.

  3. You haven’t read much Saylah, then. She’s not too fond of the maid or the crotch focused female gear. Sure, it’s par for the course… but it’s still dumb.

    At least offer a butler for those who don’t want the maid, or maybe a nice automaton or something.

  4. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    LOL, actually I do like the maid, from a male perspective, but it wouldn’t hurt me, if they replaced her.

    I actually agree about the skimpy female armor. Some of the most awesome armor is the cloth robes that almost-completely covers them sans some cleavage.

    RoM has some awesome looking armor and to resort to g-strings isn’t really conducive of making lots of varying styles.

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