The Anti Anti-RMT Movement

Last night I started thinking about RMT and how many people seem to dislike it.  After doing no research I came up with a theory.

The anti-RMT(real money transaction) movement seems to be made up predominantly of younger players.  These teens and tweens, on the surface, argue a lot of false logic to try and draw lines in the MMORPG sand to denote what’s fair and what’s not- with RMT usually on the unfair side.

What’s fair in an MMORPG?

I would think if you can do it, it’s fair- in regards to how the game was built.  Any hacking, cracking or general code tomfoolery would be a no-no of epic-fail proportions.

for some fair examples off the top of my noggin’

  • Playing 12 hours a day.
  • having a guild at level cap power level you to level cap in a week and give you 10,000 gold and the best gear in the game.
  • Finding a player much lower in PvP skill than you and camping them to generate oodles of reputation points.

Get the idea?

It’s very hard to find a focal point for determining fairness in large persistent virtual worlds.  Everyone has different amounts of time, skill, friends, and so forth.  There’s practically thousands of reasons that could effect outcomes.

  • Player A may be able to do the first 5 quests in five minutes
  • Player B may take 5 hours to do those same quests
  • Player C may do the first 2 quests then go PvP then fishing, or crafting, before going back to questing
  • Player D may spend 3 hours just chatting with friends

There’s surely not enough letters in the alphabet to cover all the different scenarios that could occur, and it’s foolish and illogical to try to quantify the near infinite amount of possible outcomes.

A common argument for anti-RMT’ers is time.  They try to make it sound almost as though the non-payer is some nobel person who chooses the hard route to some MMORPG enlightenment, but we know that isn’t true per the reasons I’ve already listed.

In a nutshell:

These anti-RMT’ers are achievement junkies and although they cry the unfairness route of payers, they are jealous.  They care about it because they feel payers are achieving something they are not, and they are trying desparately to concoct scenarios to remove these achievements(that only they are jealous of).


I’ve only ever payed once in my F2P career.  I paid $50 on Shaiya last Christmas to give Cash Shop items to my fellow guild officers and some of the more regular guild players, and kept a few for myself.  I’ve been playing Runes of Magic for 3 months and never spent anything…yet:)


10 Responses to “The Anti Anti-RMT Movement”

  1. Aye, most anti-RMT fuss comes from those who want to dictate how others play the game. Smartly designed RMT frees people from parts of the game that they don’t like or don’t want to pay for, which rankles those who place way too much importance on The Right Way to Play.

  2. The Claw Says:

    “The anti-RMT(real money transaction) movement seems to be made up predominantly of younger players.”

    The pro-RMT movement seems to be made up predominantly of bad players.

    See how easy it is to make insulting generalizations?

    Yours truly,
    a 35-year-old well-paid professional who will quit any MMO instantly if it sanctions RMT

    • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

      So, you feel insulted by the comment ““The anti-RMT(real money transaction) movement seems to be made up predominantly of younger players.”

      Being as I am 35 as well, I consulted my best friend, who is a licensed Psychologist (but as he agrees-it hardly takes a psychologist to notice some points).

      You obviously have strong emotional ties to this, and are clearly against RMT based on the reasons I mentioned. Which has one of the more plausible conclusions that:

      You are not really 35 but a “younger player” and you are part of the anti-RMT movement.

      • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

        I made a mistake, he’s a psychiatrist and was offended I wrote it wrong. Sorry dude.

      • The Claw Says:

        Nice to get such a comprehensive analysis from a licensed psychologist, and in only 12 minutes, too! Such service!

        But a complete swing and a miss on your part with the assumption that I’m lying about my age. I’m a guy who’s been gaming for, oh, 25 years now, MMO’ing for about six, and who simply prefers that games be treated as games, complete in and of themselves.

        I know I’ll never be able to match the students and the unemployed for in-game achievements, but unlike yourself and the “anti anti-RMT” crowd, I’m mature enough in my attitude towards gaming to be pretty sanguine about that.

        I don’t mind at all that the people who can play 12 hours a day while I’m out at work will have things that I don’t in-game, and I don’t feel the need to compensate by throwing more money at a game to try to match them. Sorry that you do.

  3. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    And that statement carries no negative or positive variables. It’s what YOU make of it.

    • The Claw Says:

      You’re being deliberately disingenuous if you’re trying to pretend that “seems to be made up predominantly of younger players” and “These teens and tweens, on the surface, argue a lot of false logic” is not intended to be insulting towards those who disagree with you, or that there isn’t a strong implication that those who disagree simply don’t have the maturity or broad experience to understand the realities of the situation, or else they’d agree with you.

      • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

        Dude, first of all, I write about MMO’s. What makes me mad is that YOU are deliberately using the advantages of the internets shortcomings to mask and backpeddle at any turn of the conversation that doesn’t suit you.

        I write, and I’ll write about MMORPG’s for a very long time. What other people’s opinions are don’t make me mad. I only flaw that I allow to make me mad is when people try to push something onto me. You can feel how you want, but leave me alone.

        You obviously do care, otherwise you wouldn’t have commented.

        On top of that, I can write whatever I want on my blog.

        Are you saying teens and tweens don’t tend to argue false logic more than older people?

      • The Claw Says:

        (hmm, no reply button on your post, is it because comments are nested as deep as they go?)

        Hey, I’m not for a second suggesting that you can’t write something insulting on your blog. Wouldn’t dream of it. One of my favourite blogs is The Rude Pundit, I have no problem with opposing opinions being insulted.

        But I call it like I see it, and the way I see it, posting insulting remarks directed at people who disagree with you, and then playing the psychological analysis card, and saying oh no there was nothing positive or negative about that statement it’s just YOU projecting YOUR insecurities etc. etc. .. well, that’s kind of pathetic and weak.

        To follow up by saying “I only flaw that I allow to make me mad is when people try to push something onto me” !? Are you not aware that that is PRECISELY what YOU are doing?

  4. As a teenager myself (and only 13; heh, I probably lost all credibility in everyone’s eyes right there), I must say that I DO whole-heartedly object to RMT letting a player boost their stats. Sure, go ahead and make RMT for cosmetics and status, but it irks me to watch people power themselves up to high levels with their wealth. Not that I’m going to stop playing a game over it (unless the playerbase is made up of jerks); it’s just kind of annoying.

    Oh, and as for logic, I should hope that after a three-week class at CTY I’m not using it falsely. You seem to be saying (correct me if I’m wrong) that because we’re teenagers who use “false logic” (of which you have provided few to no examples) that our opinions really don’t matter. I seem to recall the fallacy of “poisoning the well” from class. Either that, or an ad hominum. Once again, please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m completely willing to listen to reason if you can present it.

    Anyway, back to Runes of Magic; even if it does have RMT in it, I think I can tough it out. Talk to you guys later. And just so you know, I’m not trying to say you don’t have a right to post what you want on your blog. I’m simply commenting on it, ‘kay? Please don’t hate me. XP

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