Runes of Magic Pet Project: I’m Going To Write The Runes of Magic Book!

No, I’m not “officially” writing a novel for the company.

I started off with a fanfiction mentality and quickly switched to full-blown fat headed ego maniac.

I asked a question on that was an abridged version of my recent post on novels written about free-to-play games.

I don’t have much to go on, but the few answers I got were all the same.  In short, they all felt F2P game world lore lacked too much to make into even one book.

I am going to try a typical fantasy novel scenario.

Every terrific tome of fantasy fluff needs an outline.

Disclaimer: My book will be fluff; generic-I’m not calling Runes of Magic’s world lore “fluff” or “generic”.

I’m not shooting for epic here.

Step One:

  • I found a simple outline that I’ll flesh out with my main characters and what not.

Step Two:

  • After fleshing out the outline, I will post it in various places around the MMORPG internet to get feedback.

Step Three:

  • If there is any revisions to be made, I’ll make them.

Step Four:

  • Start Writing!

I need to set a realistic time frame to get this done(and then add a lot of slack off space).  I have to be able to get work done, and still have some fun for myself:)

I’m considering one year.

I’ll post the outline after I finish the first draft.


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