How “Newspapers” Can Do Wonders For Bringing MMORPG Worlds To Life and Increase Player Communities

The Gadgetzan Times returns to World of Warcraft.

These are some of my favorite aspects of MMORPG community building and maintaining.

I love these out of game, colorful connections to the in-game worlds.

Vanguard has a similar “Vangaurd Community News”

Both WoW and Vanguard make their community news look like a newspaper and go as far as adding news snippets: interviews with NPCs, and headlines based on world lore.

I remember when I had tried the MMORPG Fiesta, and a forum member started a very well made community “magazine” in PDF format that was so well recieved by the community that the games publisher Outspark started featuring it every month on the games main page.

There’s something about this type of community involvement (whether started by the publishers or individuals from a community) that seems to slightly transcend standard community tools.

Forums are fine, and needed for their own reasons, but creating a medium like a community newspaper or magazine  seems to do more to bridge the gap between the in-game world and its community and carry it to the community when they’re out of game.

Newspapers or magazines give you a “forum” to post something that uses more in-game art and screen shots delivered in a package that looks like it could be an in-game item, but includes info that feeds on our imaginations and keeps the world lore alive.  Little classifieds sections with NPCs “looking for hired hands to help keep pigs out of their gardens” and the like bring the world lore to life while including real players as well; with fanfiction stories, classifieds for people looking for weapons or equipment, or even offering crafting expertise, and playing tips.

I wish all the free and subscriber based MMORPGs did this.


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