My Runes of Magic Book: Plot Established(EDIT)

I’m still going to use the generic fantasy template I found, but most of the plot will be laid out for me to just “colorize”- so to speak.

I kept thinking of how I should write a story that could involve NPCs, mobs, bosses, and the like in the World of Taborea, and I remembered the Epic Quest Chains.

There are currently 2 Epic Quest Chains in Runes of Magic, that are quite long and take you to every zone.  I believe they are designed to continue clear up to level cap, and some spots require groups to complete.

I decided to write the book on the 2nd Chain Quest.  Perhaps the first Epic Quest Chain would be more fitting as it was developed first, but I didn’t do the first Epic Quest Chain yet, plus I really enjoyed the Second Chain.

So I also have a title for my book(the title of the Epic Quest Chain).

Runes of Magic: The Seductive Dark Pearl

It has a rather pirate-like sound to it, and if I remember correctly it does end in Ravenfell(where the pirates are).

The first Epic Chain may do as a better first introduction into the World of Taborea, and I may go back to it.  But I have a quirky love for out-of-order story telling.  Besides, it would still fit correctly in a time-line, if I decided to later right a book on the first Epic Quest Chain.

Now I have:

  • Title- Runes of Magic: The Seductive  Black Pearl
  • Plot- The second Epic Quest Chain in Runes of Magic
  • Main Character- Abernacky Anvilslayer

I need to flesh out my main character.  I’m following my template’s lead but expanding it a bit by coming up with 2-3 positive qualities, and 1-2 negative qualities.

So far I thought- He starts the story as a low-level Warrior/Mage, with high levels in Armorcraft and Alchemy.

Good Qualities:

  • Good Morals: He may grumble like a dwarf a lot, but he usually opts to help people and do the right thing.
  • Exceptional Armorcraft as well as a good Alchemist

Bad Qualities:

  • Sensitive about his short height
  • A bit Anit-Social

I’m open to suggestion.  Actually I would love suggestions/advice/help.

Edit:’s handy RoM database helped me find the entire chain of quests for the 2nd Epic Quest Line: The Seductive Black Pearl

It goes up to 43 with the last quest saying it requires level 36 to complete.

I will be reading through the whole line and using it as my outline.

My initial thought is an average of 5 pages text per quest(yeilding 215 pages) would be good.

5 Responses to “My Runes of Magic Book: Plot Established(EDIT)”

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