Dear Diary: Today I Killed 50 rats, Tomorrow I Will Kill 100 Kobolds

Many people, at different forums posted some very amusing responses to my post on writing a book for a free to play game.

Although amusing I was wondering how much of it was from not really seeing how a book could be written from a free-to-play MMORPG.

While it may be true that many F2P MMORPGs have thinner, watered down story lore, in most cases it’s still fairly good.

This also plays into my previous topic of how Runes of Magic told story lore slightly different than other MMORPGs I’ve played(whether RMT or subscriber based).

To diverge off-topic a moment:]

I recalled some nights playing Runes of Magic where I was compelled to go over low level quests.  I realized I was spending many hours and many nights without really leveling(more horizontal gameplay?) yet I couldn’t stop.  I found a stronger pull to actually read the quest objective text, and hurry back after completion to read more text.  It’s more of how RoM has cleverly incorporated good story telling into an old system(I’ll be making another post on how RoM has decieved us all with ingenius developement).

But I digress:

I intended to write the story much in the way anime fans write their fanfriction these days.  Back in the day, it’d be fanfaction based off the old pen-and-paper roleplaying games like D&D.

You don’t really write out things that boil down to mechanics.  For instance, If I have to do a quest where I kill 10 kobolds and return, I won’t just “write” that.

I cast fireball, wait 3 seconds for it to cast, and kill a kobold, I move on to the second one.

No, I of course would liven it up, it is afterall supposed to be a living “real” world”

I heard a low growl coming from somewhere behind me.  I spun around in time to catch a kobold to the throat.  I was able to maintain my footing while prying him off. Blood trickled down my neck like beads of sweat in mid summers day.  Luckily he didn’t take a pound of flesh with him.  Throwing him on the ground gave me the time I needed to concentrate.  He barely had time to get up and start for me when I said two of my favorite words in my arsenal frying him into a crispy critter.

Now that may not be as good as it coud be, but gives you an idea of “translating” a game into a story.

Another example:

I had bought a book years ago for D&D.  It was only 200 pages and part of a small side-series(about 6 books).  If you’ve read any of them, you know they were specifically intended to be “written adventures”.

The written adventures were to paint the picture that the books had been adventures that real people had playing the game, and then took that game they played and wrote a book out of it.

I found a link to one of those books, with a sample chapter in PDF included, so you can have a very good idea of the writing style I’m shooting for with Runes of Magic.

The Living Dead


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