Learning to Learn World Lore

This is a pre-emptive blog post.  I’m not officially back yet but I was just too excited at the prospect of being back in less than 2 weeks.

Many years ago, I learned a little reading tip that I’ve continued to use all my life and couldn’t live without.  It goes something like this:

When starting to read a book, do not start with the first page.  Explore the book, read and learn what it has to offer before you even open it.  Take time to look at the spine; see who the author and publishing company are; take a look at the back; read the synopses, look for significant praise from other authors or companies; read the inside cover flaps or scan over the first few publishing pages.  All of this can give you great insight into what the book is like; the author’s writing style, a clearer distinction of the audience it’s inteded for and whether it’s language appropriate.  Many things can be garnered from looking over the book, or any written work, before ever starting on page 1.

I’ve done this my whole life and most likely will never quit.  It sounds trite doesn’t it?  But after teaching myself this habit and using it for many years now, but I’d feel totally naked and ignorant if I didn’t do this.

I think I take this reading habit with me everywhere, and even into MMORPGs.  I try to look up many things on a games website.  I usually go straight for an “about” or “tutorial” page, then move onto media; screenshots, video, and maps, then depending what else they offer, move onto the forums to guage the community and glean anymore “feelings” about the game I can.

It’s served me well, I think.

It’s probably why I feel Runes of Magic has an abundance of World Lore, while the majority of the spoken community seems to feel it has very little(even for its young age).

It seems to be the trend within the wider F2P community.  I feel there’s a pretty large spectrum within F2P, but overall compared to subscriber based games, I think F2P’s do come out as thinner books.

Come to think about it, I haven’t done this yet with WoW, probably because I was rushed in by some friends.  It was hard enough keeping up with them in game without trying to spend my own time in even a few other places to learn about the games lore.

But my somewhat swiss cheese of a brain tells me that I never really garnered a lot of world lore from the majority of quests I did, and I’m now level 65 or so in W0W(give or take a few levels).

Regardless, I’m sure WoW has a healthy amount of world lore, it’s just delivered differently.

Even the graphical style of the game is, in its own way, part of the world lore.  It “tells” you what the world looks like.  It says “I’m like a ‘Knights of the Round Table fantasy’, or ‘I’m like Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter with a dash of Harry Potter’.  Seeing one land burnt out next to a caravan of armed troops is “story”.

I think It’s a good idea to scratch the surface if you want world lore.  We shouldn’t expect it all to be handed to us like an online book.  Look through the different pages of the site, pay attention to at least some of the quests, in short- look around.


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