ROM Patch

I really like how Frogster handles patch days.  Announcements are always in advance, any problems are handled with a quick hotfix almost the next day, and the day after you can rest assured that there will be a fairly detailed list of changes in the forums.

This week had quite a few changes.  Tweaks to elite skills and quest rewards were a’plenty.


Very little has ever been done, apart from implementing the plant system.  As far as the current system they did change the result of all crafted whites to include at least one rune slot(last patch).  This one introduced we finally get some incidental sounds added to gathering, among other parts of the game.

I’m glad to see some slight refinements to the interface and bug fixes when crafting with a stuffed backpack.

  • New recipes and materials added for boss monster furniture

I actually have to admit I don’t know what this is.  I hadn’t seen any additions to being able to craft furniture.  If that’s the case, then it is cool, if not, I’m out of guesses.

Loot System Changed

This I don’t get.  I always thought it was fine.  I’m assuming it’s to accomodate new content and the change in raid size limit.

Lots of interface changes have been going on in the last two patches.  I always liked the options and how it was setup.  I do use a lot of add-ons(around 20).  As long as player options aren’t being limited, I don’t see a problem.

All the end game additions have been cool.  I’m glad I have a level 49 Knight.  Of course now I have 6 more levels to go before cap but that should be easy enough through Weeping Coast dailies and virtually all the world quests I’ve yet to complete there.

What I’d like to see

I have been yearning for the low level instance Arcane Chamber to get fixed.  Ever since day one, there’s been a problem where you can’t get the required quest rewards to open the chamber at the end of the instance.

As always, I mainly want more crafting added.

I’d also like to see a system that operated as an achievement list.  Maybe incorporate it into furniture or trophies to display in player housing.


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  1. de tres bonne info, se post pourra m’aider.

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