Runes of Magic’s New ‘Acropolis’

This whole area is for high end solo and party.

When I first read up on this and the newest patch notes, it had me speculating that Frogster is putting some effort into creating zones and content that cater to the huge discrepancies allowed by the massive character enhancements possible.  I think that’s really important, and if Frogster implements more of it, then my hats off to them.

There are so many enhancements that can be added to a single piece of armor, let alone all of a characters gear, that it can create a significant difference in what endgame players can conquer.  Before level cap was raised above 50, my level 49 knight just could not compete with the others who were slapping on gear enhancements left and right.

I’m hoping this new zone is balanced enough to allow a tweaked soloer to get along with quite a challenge, or a predominantly unenhanced party.

I’ve noticed a concern where current zones contain content that becomes easier for tweaked soloers, but is still too challenging  for a weaker party.  There’s instances where a party is having a tough time, but due to lowered resilience, can only take one or two hits.  It’s allowing for tweaked soloers to actually get along better than a weak party(even of the same level).

I know balancing is a tricky issue, and for the most part the persistent, and much of the instanced, content seems alright to me.

But I think Frogster sees where the balancing needs to be done.  I think they should take this idea and add new dungeons and instances for all levels.


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