Runes of Magic: What’s that name? “Regin”

This one will be easy for literature buffs.

In RoM, Regin is a bad man that joined with the Zurhidon.  Here’s a little blurb.

A senior member in the Zurhidon organization that brazenly shows his face in public. Once a magician for the imperial court on the mainland of Kolydia until he was imprisoned after a successful coup against the imperial family. He was later recruited by the Zurhidon.

Doing a quick search on Wikipedia brings up Norse mythology.

Reginn, often Anglicized as Regin, in Norse mythology, was the son of Hreiðmarr and foster father of Sigurd. Regin had all wisdom and deftness of hand. Regin built a house of glittering gold and flashing gems for his father. Regin and his brother, Fafnir, killed Hreidmar for the cursed gold he had received from the gods after they killed his other son, Ótr. Fafnir, however, turned into a dragon because he wanted to keep all of the gold (dragons frequently symbolize greed in European folklore). Fafnir drove Regin away from the gold. Regin lived among men. He taught men how to sow, reap, work metals, sail seas, tame horses, yoke beasts of burden, build houses, spin, weave, & sew. Regin sent Sigurd to retrieve the gold.

Regin forged a marvelous sword for Sigurd, but it quickly broke. Sigurd found his father’s (Sigmund) sword, Gram, and had it fixed and reforged by Regin and used it to kill Fafnir. He gained wisdom from licking the dragon’s blood because Fafnir could talk to birds. Sigurd, who had discovered from the birds, that Regin was planning on killing him to get the gold, killed his foster father and took the gold.

I personally don’t know much about Regin from Runes of Magic.  I do know he’s the last boss in Kalin Shrine, and he’s a doozy according to dolpiff.

  • Get him down around 70% and he summons 2 bosses and vanishes for a spell.
  • At around 20% be prepared to fight 10 of him and AoE that keeps pushing you away.
  • He can also teleport players to different corners of the room.

I think there’s some other info about him in world lore.  You’ll have to read up on the factions and possibly zone info.


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