My Return to Runes of Magic

It feels great to be back in Taborea.  I’ve been offline for 3 months, and am not quite back yet.  However, I have been able to log on sporadically.  I was able to jump back in a few hours yesterday.  Besides just taking it all in again, I started back to work with trying to make my low level twink and some other things.

I first logged on my alt Abernacky.  Trusty Dwarf-ish Abernacky Anvilslayer.  There’s no last names in-game but I added it to my character profile.  I was able to do 2 sets of dailies, as I was online around reset time.  I did a really low level spider venom collection.  I don’t want the EXP just the Phirius Tokens.  That’s why I had debt when I logged back in.  I also had to die a couple times as I kept removing my debt with the daily rewards.  I had a ton of bonus TP from house furniture and after one set of dailies, I had enough tokens to by a 1-hour skill potion.  I think I see another mistake I’m making with trying to maximize TP gain, while minimizing EXP gain.

I had a lot of debt when I logged back on, and using the skill potion along with having a house TP bonus allowed me to get out of TP debt and gain full TP+house bonus while still eating away at EXP debt.  But I ran out of EXP debt before using up my full hour on my skill potion.  So I died again to get back into debt.  I was left again with both EXP and TP debt.  I’m thinking if I would have first gotten into a mega-ton of debt only once, it would allow me to accumulate more TP vs. EXP in the long run.  Anyone have thoughts on that?  I could be way off.

After I was done with dailies and my skill potion, I went and killed that low level Kobold elite(?) for fun.  I gathered some ash, zinc, and poplar in between all this.

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but that took up most of my time.

After that I logged on Mobly to see if guild mates were still around.  Luckily I was still in the guild.  Sadly no one was online.  I tried accessing the guild vault and don’t have permission.  Odd, since I did have permission before.  Sad because it would be immensely helpful as I am collecting the hundreds of drops needed to craft the level 22 rare set for Abernacky.  My guild website is still up, but I can’t log in, so I tried creating a new account.  I need permission to join, and the last post on the site was 2 months ago.  So we’ll see.  I don’t care if I’m the only one in this guild, as it’s worth it for the 99 free slots in the guild vault.

Mobly has some 86K EXP debt, so I did 1 ant Daily in Dust Devil Canyon.  I know I could have reduced almost all that debt by doing all 10 dailies, but I was getting tired.  After grinding 20 dailies on Abernacky, and everything else, I just wanted to skip it.  I consoled myself with the 1 daily.

After that, I decided to check out the elves.  I created a Druid named Dramador.  I love Abernacky who’s a Warrior/Mage.  Even though the Druid is kind of the elves answer to priests(you can’t choose priest as secondary for a druid), they are supposed to have a fair amount of offensive magic.  I want to see how a Warrior/Druid does.

I’m basically still piddling around the elven island at level 11.  I think I can go to the mainland now, as you can choose a secondary class at level 10.  Next session, I think I’ll do that.  I was just staying on to learn a bit of lore.

The elven lore is sort of interesting.  Twins born to the king a thousand years ago issued in conflict.  There was a great “Banishment”.  One left and took elves into hiding while the “rebel king” stayed and fought with the humans.  But the magical constructs the humans were building turned on everyone nearly wiping out all elves.  I think the only elves on the mainland are in Dragonfang Ridge.  I think it plays into why the Nagas are in full force in the new Autolia Volcano zone.  If I remember, one of the sons of the current king fell in love and sought to retrieve a magical sword called Arclight.  But that sword was imbued and actually worked as a magical anchor keeping the Naga sealed away…until now.

As for how the game looks.  I can’t really post much as my shabby low connection has me turning down all systems to reduce lag or slow running of any kind.

I do think the elven tutorial is much better.  More user friendly.  Everything is explained much better.

I noticed other fun little surprises.  The storage chests in player housing now have sharing options you can turn on/off.  You can choose to let other players(guests) view, store, and take.  I think that’s great.  If I know I have a lot of stuff in my house chest and leave taking on, I can just give my guild or friend(s) my house number and they can go get items themselves.  I’m sure there are people trying to house rob by randomly typing in house numbers and checking the settings on their chests, but it’s like a 10 digit numbered code, so I can’t see that problem being too rampant.

The downside seemed to be no one around, but I was on in off hours so I won’t jump to conclusions(as RoM recently boasted the 2 million user mark).

All said, it was fun being back.  I’m going to try again soon.


I guess I should explain about building a low level tweak and farming TP.  I know I could buy lovely 70% skill potions, daily resets, etc. but I simply don’t pay.  I don’t have the money.  Maybe I will buy diamonds in the future.  I’m not really torn ethically about buying from the game’s item mall, I just don’t have the money right now.  So that should explain my actions(I think).


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