“RMT vs. Subscription” Is A Dirty Word!

How’s come everytime I see a post arguing some point about RMT, it makes me feel unclean.  It’s like entering an old port-a-potty that’s been used but never cleaned.

The problem is it blurs the very fine line between being legitimate concerns and just being a shallow fanboy civil war.

Some tip offs to me is how explicit people try to be, and throw in a ton of opinions based on some conjecture that a more legitimate(?) site made.

a lot of it is based on personal taste. Some want to add a set number on value, so they can compare it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s like the people who obsess over console game ratings, then when one site rates it significantly lower than most sites, they jump all over that site with flames. Even though the point is just to give you an idea if you’d like it or not. When most of the information is really coming from the player not the review they read, because who else knows what they like and how much they like it better than the player?  Yet they bash that lone reviewer who gave a bad review while the others made a game shine. I think it’s because they need to have validation to say they should like it, instead of actually seeing if they like it by playing it.

I sometimes wonder who these “proponents” of one side-vs.-the other side are arguing against: Others or themselves. Because they want to try to legitimize a reason to like it through arbitrary made up value markers instead of just sitting down, playing it and saying “Hey, I like this”.

You want to argue over a pet panda for 10 bucks or a riding mount that costs ten bucks, then expand that to fit into an already deluded vision of this RMT vs. Sub argument.

You know some will say “That cat isn’t worth 4 bucks but the panda, I’d pay 20 for it”. Some will change their minds down the road. There’s too many feelings and variables of life to consider.

On a side note: I am a bit distraught about this RMT vs. Sub thing. I mean it basically started for a stupid reason and kept going(In my opinion).

This whole thing is just opinions.  It’s all opinions.  Remember everyone has opinions.  But every once in awhile we find a cause to latch onto and join a side and for what reason?  PS3 or Wii? Join a side.  PSP or DS? Pick a side.

Many people against RMT, I believe are ones who actually find value in paying, that’s why they don’t like it.  They “believe” they have to pay to have fun.

People want to create a microcosm so they can compare RMT vs. Sub but the real truth is, money you spend on clothes and mountain dew and posters, and internet, and a slew of things is just as legitimate reasons to consider as anything else. You are spending money for your enjoyment of it.

This isn’t something new. Most things in life have been done before, maybe just behind a slightly different mask. The US deals with capitalism. That’s what this is a part of, just like when the PS3 and Wii first came out.

I don’t find anything overly offensive about talking about it, but 99% of every argument I saw on RMT vs. Sub contained a persons feelings or opinions which destroy it right then and there. You can’t eat your cake and have it too. If you want to argue some universal value, then you’re going to have to separate that from your unique personal feelings and opinions, even if some share them with you.

I play Runes of Magic, I love the game, I’ve come to appreciate certain subtleties in it that boost my enjoyment of it over WoW and some other games. I still like WoW, but I’d rather plop 10 bucks on a mount in Runes of Magic right now, than on a pet in WoW. But maybe after some time goes by and I have more money again, I’ll go back to WoW and say “Well it wasn’t worth it to me back then because I was deriving my fun in different ways, but now it’s worth it”.

This huge comment isn’t to say I don’t have my own opinions on how some games or companies handle RMT. I do. For instance, I used to play Shaiya and really liked it. However I thought that the fact that a game based so heavily around mass PvP maps only sold temporary strength boosters in cash shop was a bit, well unfair. It’s a very clear line in that game that shows you if you want to win in PvP, you’ll need to buy those items. But even then I bet some people feel differently, and I can’t argue it. Maybe some go into the PvP maps at certain times, or have learned a little finesse, and get by, raise their rank, and win rewards just fine? I think it’s possible.

Most of my arguments against RMT stay limited within the world of one game at a time. I like to compare the prices of RMT not to other games cash shops, but to the games themselves and the fun I can get out of them.

You like to argue other points? that’s fine, but you too easily cross that blurry thin line into an area that assumes I share opinions or get the same value out of something as others.

You’re allowed to have different opinions but you’re not allowed to speak for the rest of us.

So if you want to talk to me about it, that’s fine, just try to base it on opinions that I share, and we’ll have a terrific discussion:P

To bring this (possibly) never ending rant to some sort of finish, I just want to note some things that I and some of my best friends enjoy in different MMORPG’s.

  • I like the joy of hunting down vanity pets in WoW, my friends would just laugh and make fun of me.
  • I think paying $10 bucks for a mount in Runes of Magic is worth it for the speed you get.  I can get places a lot faster, and I can get stuff done sooner once I’m at those places.  I don’t like paying more than $1 for a box of Mac ‘N Cheese(okay so I strayed a bit).
  • I think $15/month for a MMORPG is fine.  In my opinion, the cost you really pay to play these games isn’t in money LOL.
  • My one friend wanted to do nothing but questing, while another wanted nothing but raiding.  Any patches that interfered had one griping while the other one couldn’t care less.
  • I have two friends that became two of the best characters on their server, in RoM, without spending a single real cent.  They both had tons of fun, and I think they probably had a little more fun knowing they tromped people who were dumping money into the game;)
  • I don’t subscibe to the RMT debate at all.  I currently haven’t payed in a year of playing RoM, but I may because my game time is significantly shorter now than it was when I started.
  • I think RoM has one of the best(if not the best) balance between game play and cash shop.   I can buy diamonds in game to spend in cash shop, and I can do it while having fun.  I can gather for about 30 minutes and have enough mats to buy a diamond, plus my gathering skill gets raised, and I can relax as opposed to a raid or boss, and talk to people too.  The cash shop does not sell anything that cannot be obtained in-game except the permanent mounts and some house furniture, which you can still obtain diamonds for in-game.  But the cash shop only sells items that speed up your game play time.  50% gained EXP for an hour-potions, etc…   The subtle difference I like is that other games do let you buy cash shop items with in-game money, but it’s usually very heavily waited.  Shaiya takes a very very long time to earn money through fighting(like months), while one little potion from cash shop will cost you MILLIONS.  In RoM I could earn enough diamonds through the auction house within a day or two(depending on how long I play) to buy a potion, or a chair, etc…

In the end, this is just my opinions, so like it or leave it, but I care not for ones who want to sit there and flatly tell me why RMT is bad.

Whew, okay I’m done ranting.  Sorry, in the real end, I guess my inner fanboy wanted to come out and bare his tiny little teeth.


3 Responses to ““RMT vs. Subscription” Is A Dirty Word!”

  1. LOL ok sorry, I had to do it.

    First off you are right and wronge at the same time In my opinion. hehe sorry moving on, You are right that every one has a opinion based off of fact and/or feelings. The thing is in the MMO world, If, as you put it
    “You like to argue other points? that’s fine, but you too easily cross that blurry thin line into an area that assumes I share opinions or get the same value out of something as others.”
    When does any one NOT cross that line?
    What you got to do is add imo, IMO, In my opinion behide what ever you read. There is very little fact when it comes to people blogging in the MMO world. I wish there was, but 99% of them is a “In my Opinion” blog.

    By the way, this is a very well writen blog, I have enjoyed reading what little I have so far, and plan on making this one of my weekly stopover.

    • howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

      ah true true. Bloggers tend to always post opinions. I mean that’s really all a lot of game reviews are too. Thanks.

      And I did go back over the post and saw some errors in what I said, but I can always tackle them another time(IMO) 🙂

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