RoM Diary: Leveling and Gathering for A Permanent Horse

Mobly is level 49/36. I know I seriously need to start leveling my secondary, but I have plenty of quests for mid to upper levels to do. Plus I’m pretty sure I can turn in the level 40 ant dailies from Dust Devil Canyon. I just have to accept the quest on knight, then switch to priest to turn it in. It’s kind of a pain, but the rewards great. I’ll be able to use the dailies to jump up 2 or 3 levels really fast.

I’m actually exploring Ravenfell. I’ve been there, and know it a little, but never really spent any significant time there. I let my self get side tracked from my diamond buying to spend gold on 100 Things Stolen by Pirates, for the daily. I did 5 of them already. In a way it feels like cheating, but I’m so undergeared that it takes me a long time just to do 1 daily, let alone a whole set of 10.

Other than vearing off path a bit with spending gold on dailies, I am gathering like mad to sell and convert the gold into diamonds. I already have 51 diamonds from this past week. That is, however, selling a lot of stuff that’s been sitting in my bank for months.

I think the average gold>diamond conversion rate is about 18K right now in Smacht(PvP). That’s not too bad. I can gather around 50 Wizard Iron Ore in Dust Devil Canyon in about 30 minutes, and it sells in less than a day for around 49K.  Normal price for a perma horse is 199 diamonds in cash shop.  I’m also hoping to get lucky when I get enough diamonds, or see if I can hold out for any more sales.  They’ve had a few before:)

My first objective is to by a permanent mount. I’m getting one for Mobly since he NEEDS it:) The new zones are very well laid out, and a bit bigger than older zones. It will be a great boon for me to always have a steed on hand.


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