Will Next Runes of Magic Expansion See Large Spike In Popularity of The MMORPG?

I have a hunch, a theory.

RoM has so far been pretty good with it’s content updates, and the first big expansion.  Up until now I think players are still skeptical and wait to see it to believe it, for the most part.

But if they make good on their next big expansion, said to be out in spring of 2010 in the recent developer chat, we may see an extra large jump in the games popularity.

Not only will we see the game world increase in size by a few more zones, and plenty of new content, with hopefully significantly more fixed bugs than new ones, but I think players minds will be much more at ease to let go of their skepticism.

The game is also starting to garner popularity among some big MMORPG journalist sites with some giving RoM its own dedicated section.  A first for many of the sites to do that for a free game, where they previously only gave big triple A subscription based games their own homes.

It’s all contingent on whether Runewaker can successfully handle the business side of things and grow the company larger than an average F2P games company.  They already boast being a larger company, but they have to be able to grow even more, and continue to make money at it.

If Runewaker can figure it all out and make it work, could we see the first of its kind in a F2P MMORPG company that gets close to being as large as a subscription based company?  Do you think they could end up becoming pioneers in the same aspect that Blizzard did for subscription MMORPGs? or will they find themselves stuck as a smaller company not finding that golden apple to let themselves grow?

Time will tell.


2 Responses to “Will Next Runes of Magic Expansion See Large Spike In Popularity of The MMORPG?”

  1. Never played RoM, but then I really never played WOW, or EvE, But some times you don’t have to play something to know what you are looking at. Will ROM become the WOW of F2P? Yes I can see that. but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Even WoW took time to become what it is. As far as a big bump in popularity? It will take people like you and many other blogger’s doing what you are doing, To get more people to start looking at it. and with luck you can start growing. As you and every one knows it take people to (lol wait for it) make people, When it comes to MMO’s. F2P or not.

  2. i was beginning to contemplate i would probably be the sole young man who cared about this, at the very least currently i acknowledge i’m not outlandish 🙂 i’ll make sure to check out a handful of various other posts right after i get a little caffeine in me, it is really hard to read with out my coffee, I was until the wee hours of the morning last evening practicing myspace poker and after drinking a few beers i wound up giving up all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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