The Tricky Little Thing About EXP Debt In Runes of Magic

I love RoM’s EXP debt system.  For me, it brought back the “fear” of death and simultaneously reduced many annoyances associated with dying in MMORPGs.

RoM’s EXP debt basically gives you a set amount of debt based on your characters level.  You lose 5%, or more appropriately, 5% goes into debt.  While in debt, 70% of EXP gained goes toward paying that debt off.  Debt really doesn’t get too much worse if you die at a higher level than a lower one.  As dailies and quests give you more EXP reward comparatively, you can get out of debt about the same regardless of what level your character is.

EXP isn’t the only thing you gain from killing and questing though.  You also gain TP(Talent Points) which are used to upgrade your skills.  Your TP gain is “tied” to your EXP.  Therefore, when you go into EXP debt, you are also going into TP debt.

This is where the tricky little thing about death in RoM comes in.  TP gain is rounded to the nearest 10th.  If you gain 100 EXP, you’ll also gain 10 TP.  Likewise, if you gain 153 EXP, you’ll also gain 15.3 TP.  But when you die fractions get lost.  What does this mean.  It mean when you normally get that .3 of TP, but you keep dying, those fraction gains get dropped.  The result is, that if you die more often than someone else, overall you’ll be gaining less TP.

So it pays to be careful, not just to keep from gaining EXP debt, but also to maximize TP gain.  You can help combat this by either NOT DYING(LOL) or buy a piece of furniture early on in your career.

Within the cash shop, you can buy furniture pieces that either add EXP or TP bonuses.  You buy a table or couch or whatever that adds to your overall bonus.  Whenever you are in your house, you gain the bonus.  The longer you stay at home, the higher the bonus builds up.  The more furniture with bonuses attached, the faster the bonus builds up.  The bonus is delivered to you over time by handing out a percentage of the bonus with each mob kill.  So if you have some bonus EXP, you could gain a few more points from mobs than you would normally get from them.  In this respect, it can pay to always log off in your house.

My suggestion would be to buy a small piece of furniture, with TP bonus, early in your career.  You can only get the bonuses on furniture you buy from the cash shop, but some pieces are rather cheap.  I bought a simple stool early on that added a TP bonus, for 15 diamonds.  It wouldn’t take much gathering to sell for gold, that you can turn around and buy 15 diamonds with in cash shop.  For example,  low level resources like Zinc, Ash, and Mt. Poplar can be gathered from level 1 and are in high demand as they are needed to get your level 15 elite skills.  I don’t know the current rates but they are probably fairly reasonable.  I have been gathering higher level 43 Sinner’s Palm and getting around 1,200 gold per unit.  Gold to diamond price, for me, is around 18K per diamond.  It’s really not too bad, as anyone can gather a stack of 100 in an hour or so.  And it isn’t as simple as saying the higher the level the higher the price.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you made just as much gold per unit from the level 1 resources as I make from the level 43.

Once you have your 15 diamonds, you’ll have also done good toward raising your gathering skills, and to kill two birds with one stone, you could also level your professions up to, depending on how you feel.  Now just open cash shop and pay close attention to which furniture items give EXP bonuses and which give TP bonuses.  Buy a nice small item like the stool I bought or see if anything newer and cheaper has been added then place it in your house.

One small stool gave me around 15 bonus points every 1-2 hours.  I’m sorry for lack of info on this point, but it wouldn’t be hard to figure it out.  Just pay attention to how much time has passed between the first time you log of in your house, and back on, then take your total TP and devide by the hours you were offline.  So if you log off for 8 hours and back on to find a total of 60 bonus TP, you’ve gained 15 TP every 2 hours.  That’s not bad and can help regain TP loss through frequent death.

One last note to keep in mind.  You will only have the bonus applied when killing mobs.  Daily quests and world quests will only give their set amount rewards.  They do not add on the bonus.  Seeing as how many quests have you killing X amount of mobs, it really isn’t a problem.

So, Runes of Magic’s EXP debt also gives you TP debt, and you’ll slowly lose more TP the more you die, due to lost fractions.  It actually pays to be mindfull of death and to “fear” it, but all is not lost.  Buying a piece of furniture, that gives TP bonus, early in the game can help alleviate this.


4 Responses to “The Tricky Little Thing About EXP Debt In Runes of Magic”

  1. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    I thought of a good name for this. Experience Debt Fatigue 🙂

  2. Thanks for the insights, its always nice to read something on the net that shows someone has done their research into whats really going on.

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