Runes of Magic Diary: To the Tune of “I’ve beeeen working on the RAILrooaaad…”

Mobly has had loads of fun the last couple of days, even though he’s died 3 times giving him 144K EXP debt, and spending the majority of his time mining ore and gathering herbs to sell in the auction house.

I had a small debacle, caused by nasty curiousity and a moment of weakness.  I tried buying diamonds on a legal third party site, found out they only worked for US(I’m on Eu), then tried buying them through the main RoM site via paypal.  I thought I was spending my current paypal balance and didn’t bother to check the fine print and see that they only took direct bank transfers.  I’m still a bit confused on this.  Did I inadvertantly tell paypal to do that?  Well, the transfer came back refused which rings up a 40 dollar surcharge on my bank account.   Lovely.  40 dollars down the drain, all for being careless and not taking my time.

This is my first time buying diamonds after playing RoM for a year.  I thought I’d go ahead and get at least 1 mount for 1 of my characters.  Then immediately after this debacle, RoM announces a Moa Charity Mount that is just so very uber looking.

In the end, I’ve used this time to readjust my plans.  The charity mount is available for 199 diamonds until Dec. 28th.  From now until then I am going to continue to work hard in game to earn the diamonds for a mount, but I am also going to buy diamonds or the charity mount.  I want to actually spend money as they’ve hooked me with donating 4.50US toward a childrens charity, and if I only earn the diamonds in-game, I feel I haven’t really donated.  Nice move RoM.

I have plenty of alts, so I will continue my laborias mining to get another mount, or maybe even two if I’m ambitious enough.  Both ways I think will make me feel good.  I like having that warm feeling of a reward in both circumstances.

Oh, I almost forgot, the moment of weakness part.  I had earned 71 diamonds in-game and when I decided to buy the mount, I also was in-game and saw the very cool contract for a mud house.  I thought “Oh Abernacky NEEDS that as he is sort of a dwarfish type fellow”, so I spent the 50 diamonds on it.

Now I have 21 diamonds, and a 40 dollar charge on my bank statement:P

I haven’t been leveling any of my alts either, but I’ve come to a better conclusion on how to Tweak Abernacky.  I want to get him to level 22 and have all his available skills maxed out.  This is hard as you earn TP along with EXP.  Well I don’t know why I haven’t been considering Talent Charms.  They let you store TP and then deliver it to your character.  The only problem is that they may be bound.  They are nice for earning TP on Your main class, then giving the TP to your secondary class.  If I find that I can earn the TP on one character to deliver to another character, I’m set.  But this sounds too good to be true.  I’ll find out.


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