All About Me

My name is Jeremy Stratton.  I’m the slightly anti-social introvert behind this machine.

I’ve been writing for Video Game Content for going on 3 years,  and before that wrote for such award winning self-published blogs as Emergency Trap which for most of its life dealt with Internet Technologies and Web 2.o startups.

I write…a lot.  I write all the time.  I’m currently turning my focus onto MMORPG’s, a more specific area of the Video Game Industry, and one that I enjoy all too much.

I love Mexican and Chinese food, Japan, and writing.

I love to read emails and answer questions.  Send me all your spam and hatemail, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Just don’t send me spoiled milk, dirty sweat socks, or any other smelly paraphernalia.

I currently play Runes of Magic, and World of Warcraft full-time.

Runes of Magic:

International server set

Server: Smacht(PvP), main, Knight/Priest, 49/36

Server: Smacht(PvP), alt, Warrior/Mage, 16/15

World of Warcraft:

Server: Akama(PvP), main, Elemental Shaman, 58

I never let time be a hindrance, but a help, and I’ve used that time to add many notches to my belt.  I’ve played:

  • Runes of Magic
  • World of Warcraft
  • Vanguard’s 14-day free trial
  • Shaiya
  • Last Chaos
  • Fiesta
  • Tantra Online
  • 2Moons(Dekaron)
  • Silkroad Online
  • 9Dragons
  • 12 Sky
  • 4 Story
  • Atlantica Online
  • Dreamlords:The Reawakening
  • Florensia
  • Metin2
  • Secret of The Solstice
  • SHO Online
  • Granada Espada(Sword of The New World)
  • Conquer Online
  • Mabinogi
  • Hero Online
  • Perfect World
  • Rappelz
  • Rohan Online
  • Requiem
  • Archlord
  • RF Online
  • Ragnarok
  • Dofus
  • Xiah Online
  • Dragon Sky
  • Taikodom

I like what both Western Fantasy and Eastern Fantasy have to offer.  My main interest in MMORPG’s are crafting or professions.  I love to play the market and craft items that I know people can use.  I’m always in search of creating a better crafting experience.

I’ve written for:

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