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1,000 Things To Do Before You Log Off

Posted in 1000 things to do before you log off with tags , , on January 3, 2010 by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg

At the heart of this list is the adage “Stop and smell the roses”. We as MMORPG players have varying styles of game play. Through it all, many times life’s fun little moments can sweep right past us in a flurry of tiny digital leaves. MMORPGs give us giant open virtual worlds with guidelines and activities we can perform. A terrific thing about these games, regardless of these tasks and rules, is that they provide an opportunity for players to create the experience. Some of the most memorable and most enjoyable moments we can have come from running into a group of players dancing or having an in-game “party”, trying to take a great screen shot of a humorous situation, and countless other activities that weren’t prescribed or created by the game’s developers. With that in mind, I present a list of quirky, offbeat, and many times unconventional tasks to perform in your favorite MMORPG that will steer you away from what you are currently doing in-game, but more importantly may enrich your fun. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy the entire list. If something simply is not fun, no matter how hard you try, simply don’t do it. Remember, the point is to enjoy the game. Whether you do 1 or all the tasks on the list, It should at least provide an enjoyable read and change how you look at, think about, and play MMORPGs.

Create an Uber-Weapon Below Level 10

    To kick off this list, I present an opportunity that may get you a lot of jeers, nay-sayers, and laughing, but it will be fun. There’s always something fun about going against the crowd. This is one that definitely does that. No, you don’t have to give it the same name I did, but you should spend significant time creating a sword, club, hammer, bow, whatever. Pimp it out, but make sure it is under level 10. If the MMORPG you play doesn’t allow this, then just create the lowest level item you can, and make it as powerful as possible. Don’t let the structure of the game start to control how you make it. The idea is to go against the normal. Don’t hold back. You will start to feel a sense of glee from going against the norm, and whether days or weeks, you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Once done, don’t stop there. You’ll want to share this beastly weapon or item with the game community. Now post those screen shots in the forums and wait for all the head scratching responses. You’ll undoubtedly be strongly attached to this item, by the time you finish creating it, but if you are feeling extra daring, and want to take some more time with it, why not post it in the Auction House without telling anyone or posting it in the forums. You may get some interesting whispers or see lots of chatter start to develop in zone chat, as the item gets more views.