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Musings On The Future of Runes of Magic’s World-size

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Part of the good and bad about RMT(Real Money Transaction) games is they tend to be free-to-play but small.  I certainly would love to see some of the F2P games have much larger game worlds but RMT lends itself to much smaller companies and employee base.  It’s part of how the business makes money.

Runes of Magic has some 11-12 zones.  I’m guessing from memory.  It doesn’t matter because the difference in size compared to say WoW is so vast that me being accurate isn’t all that important for this post.

Granted the new zone Aotulia Voclano is double the size of most of the other zones, it still all adds up to the entire world of Taborea fitting into maybe less than 4 zones from WoW(out of what? around 100 zones).

So far RoM is successful and registrations continue to rise.  It is hard to be accurate on this point as well.  I believe they are looking at individual website registrations.  So even if some of those people effectively stop playing for good, they may still be registered and count toward the overall number.

I digress.  The game has been out for roughly a year and they’ve released the zones Ravenfell, Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, and Aotulia Vocano.  Kudos for them.  If they keep up with their announcements of new major content expansions every 4 months, the game could start to get pretty large.

There’s a rumor(I can’t confirm) that the devs told Closed Beta players that their initial plans were to have 80 zones by 2 years.  Based on their progress and lack of any other similar communication since then makes it unlikely to happen.  What is likely though, is that this game very well could get large-As large as a triple-A MMORPG.

We’ve already had hints through various interviews with Frogster and Runewaker staff members that they’re planning on other races(dwarves were actually name dropped by staff). and have many items and characters that show through data mining that aren’t implemented yet.  The world lore hints at another whole continent. And many features show that they can grow much larger in size.

If they can keep up with the speed and size of the updates they’ve already proven to be able to implement, I will be a very happy player.

I don’t know how long I will be playing RoM, but it’s been a year and I still enjoy it.  It’s going to be very interesting and exciting to see how large and how fast the world grows.

Runes of Magic: Improved Title system and Interface

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Click for full-size

Noticed another plus tonight.

The title interface has been added and it’s nice.  Really nice.  Now you can see a huge list of titles that you can gain in the game.  You can search by different categories, and hovering over them tells you what you need to do to gain the title.  Usually it’s a list of different quests that need completed.

I didn’t see any posts about this, on the forums.  I have been gone a long time, so maybe there was some mention of it.  But this greatly improved my gameplay experience.  I felt a excited sense of accomplishing a fun task just from doing a few low level quests in order to gain the “Water Purifier” title.  I think it’s a bit fitting for my blue haired elf.

Runes of Magic’s New ‘Acropolis’

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This whole area is for high end solo and party.

When I first read up on this and the newest patch notes, it had me speculating that Frogster is putting some effort into creating zones and content that cater to the huge discrepancies allowed by the massive character enhancements possible.  I think that’s really important, and if Frogster implements more of it, then my hats off to them.

There are so many enhancements that can be added to a single piece of armor, let alone all of a characters gear, that it can create a significant difference in what endgame players can conquer.  Before level cap was raised above 50, my level 49 knight just could not compete with the others who were slapping on gear enhancements left and right.

I’m hoping this new zone is balanced enough to allow a tweaked soloer to get along with quite a challenge, or a predominantly unenhanced party.

I’ve noticed a concern where current zones contain content that becomes easier for tweaked soloers, but is still too challenging  for a weaker party.  There’s instances where a party is having a tough time, but due to lowered resilience, can only take one or two hits.  It’s allowing for tweaked soloers to actually get along better than a weak party(even of the same level).

I know balancing is a tricky issue, and for the most part the persistent, and much of the instanced, content seems alright to me.

But I think Frogster sees where the balancing needs to be done.  I think they should take this idea and add new dungeons and instances for all levels.

Hot Off the Press:Demon Lord Sighted for First Time in Runes of Magic

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Demon Lord sighted for the first time in Runes of Magic

‘Varanas Nightmare’ presents a challenge for up to 150 players

Berlin, 01.09.2009: Frogster today announced that as part of the current content update ‘Naga’s Awakening’, players will get to meet the namesake of Runes of Magic’s first chapter, the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord haunts a nightmare version of the city of Varanas in a new open combat feature, ‘Varanas Nightmare’, in what the company calls a ‘Public Encounter’. Public encounters are instances where players do not need to be part of a party or guild to enter, however the content is difficult and grouping is recommended.

The high level scenario is made up of three phases in and around the ‘Varanas Nightmare’, which has afflicted the minds of the city’s inhabitants. Up to 150 players can simultaneously combat the terrible dream and fight to stop the Demon Lord. The first targets for player groups are dimensional portals which are spread around the burned out city. Twenty portals need to be closed before the task is completed and phase two begins. This is where players have to overcome three world bosses in succession. Should the adventurers achieve victory within three minutes, the third and final phase begins. If the players fail, then the scenario begins again from the first phase.

Well coordinated raids are required to defeat the third opponent since this character is actively supported by the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord doesn’t actually engage in combat himself, but he does heal his vassals making the challenge difficult and victory very satisfying. Killing his minions doesn’t only bestow reputation and honor on the hero for mastering the scenario, but as the toughest challenge in Runes of Magic to date, there is also an outstanding loot for the victors.

This sounds like an incredibly fun encounter.  Too bad I may miss it.

Runes of Magic On “No Prisoners, No Mercy” Podcast

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Saylah, writer of the blog Mystic Worlds was interviewed about Runes of Magic on the “No Prisoners, No Mercy” podcast.

She gives a very detailed description of how the game works.  It’s not boring to listen to, the hosts and guests are lively and funny, and Saylah gave it a shining review.  She really loves the game.

I have to agree with her, and she did a great job of pointing out some subtle but important differences that aren’t immediately apparent, but makes a huge difference that paints Runes of Magic’s systems in a better light than the way other MMORPGs do similar things.

The podcast is a total of 2 hours.  The first hour is all about Warhammer, while the second hour is all about Runes of Magic.

It’s a great podcast.  The hosts sound professional and are fun to listen to.

Runewaker to Rebuild the Crafting System In Runes of Magic.

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Today Runewaker Development posted on the forums about some changes being made, to Runes of Magic, between now and September’s major update.  Among addressing class balancing issues and graphical quandaries, they had a paragraph about crafting that had my ears standing at attention.

Crafting – We are in the midst of re-working the crafting system. It will be in 3 phases and should all be complete and live before Chapter 2. The 1st phase will be a basic clean up and difficulty adjustment of existing recipes. 2nd and 3rd phase will be adding on the “value” and “fun” of crafting.

This has an electric charge surging through my body tingling all my senses, and has me scratching my neck and arms like a nervous junky.

This sounds like a major overhaul.  What could they be doing?  they’re not starting from a blank page are they?

Well from the blurb about “re-adjusting” the recipes, my guess is the craft system will retain all of its major functions(I.E. gathering resources, finding or buying recipes, and crafting the items).

Based on forum complaints, most seem to want 1-click gathering and easier to construct recipes.  I think this is a very touchy subject.  I’m not even fully sure how it should be treated.  I know that, as a “crafter”, I want a big, deeply involving crafting system the same way an endgamer wants an awesomely big instance or open dungeon to battle his way through to get to the boss(‘s).

I don’t know what was discussed during closed beta, I never got accepted until the tail end of phase 3(about 2 weeks before Open Beta).  I had assumed they worked most ideas/problems out.  Currently the crafting system is unfinished but I convinced myself that they had all the plans in the works and just needed to finish implementing them.  Now we see them changing the entire system, but how significantly?

I’m going to just settle my nerves by being optimisitc about these new changes.  I’m guessing they’ll make gathering less “intense”, and some of the larger epic recipe sets require less ingredients overall.  Maybe they’ll also use this time to implement the plant system they mentioned weeks ago?  Also, they may have to reconfigure node spawn points, as more zones are coming(unless they figured that in ahead of time).

This means one thing for sure.  I’m putting my Twink on hold until September’s update.  I was farming the Windmill instance for ingredients required in the first major epic set to build for him.

As for anything else, who knows.  Will they put in a craft skill point system?  They do say they will be adding the “value” and “fun” to the system.  This value they speak of could probably be a way to make the recipes and craftable items worthwhile compared to the other drops obtained in-game.  The “fun” does sound like maybe a more interactive system.  Perhaps something closer along the lines of Vanguard’s or EQ2’s craft systems?

Ultimately we’ll just have to wait until Runewaker decides to leak more info to us or the update goes live.

Please Runewaker, We Want “Created By…” Added To Equipment Stats

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It’s one of those little things that make a big difference, like incidental sounds.

Players get a sense of pride, bragging rights, and some may not know why they crave to see that “Created by…” tag below the item stat, but it makes them smile anyway.All that notoriety for what could hardly be considered an over investment of code and time to implement this, should be reason enough.

So why hasn’t Runewaker implemented it in Runes of Magic?  Is it because they have specific plans on how it will be implemented?  Are we going to see something in the Item Mall for it?

My opinion is that this has already been brought to developers attention or they already considered it.  And considering they didn’t throw the idea out the window completely(which I just can’t believe), they no doubt have plans for it.

I posted an idea on the RoM forums about this.  A simple Item Mall “stamper” could be purchased for so many diamonds, and for non-paying-players a larger quantity of Phirius Tokens could purchase this one-time stamper.

But do you think that’s enough?  I was thinking, maybe this setup is too easy? First of all, unlike other MMO’s every single piece of equipment can be either crafted or modded.  Would this aspect lower the importance of having an item ‘created by…’ someone?

I’m leaning toward a slightly harder to obtain goal or limit the stamper to items of a certain tier(like only items tier 3 or higher).

What do you think?  Just implement it in game with no cost? or have some sort of cost/requirements.

Leaked Images of Closed Zones In Runes of Magic(EDIT)

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We’ve seen various screenshots or two of these zones before, but a RoM forum member put a nice handful all in one place for us to enjoy.  Personally I know there’s even more pictures to be had from other zones not shown in any of the screen shots, but I can’t reveal my sources.  It’s exciting to see that the world of Taborea will be growing significantly.

Edit: Massivley has tons of photos of the new content from E3, including: Many mob screenshots, and locations screenshots.

Have The Equipment You Want With The Look You Want

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One of the coolest systems in Runes of Magic is the Aggregator.  It allows you to take any piece of equipment or weapon and transfer all the stats onto another, similar item.

You can have that Level 50 Tier 7 Cyclops Chainmail +6, but if you don’t like how it looks on your character, no problem.  Just find a piece of armor you do like.  Like that Level 22 Hochim Windmill Set? Just aggregate your Cyclops armor onto the Hochim chest piece, and aggregate all of your stuff onto the Hochim set, so it matches.

I have to hand it to Runewaker for adding this to RoM.  It’s an awesome idea that gives players freedom to design their characters appearance how they want.

I can’t believe Blizzard never implemented this in WoW.  In WoW there’s still plenty of choices for gear, but all the level 80s who’ve gone for the best stuff, all look the same.  It’s like watching clones run around.  They all have the same looking weapons, the same looking leggings, and so on.  The only difference is the race they chose, and even then it’s finite.  If you have 10 humans all with that same high level gear, they are all identical in appearance.

The Aggregator, in Runes of Magic, is an awesome idea that I think all MMO’s should implement.

All Your E3 2009 Runes of Magic Coverage Are Belong To Me

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See more NEW Screenshots here

Well not quite, It are belong to MMOHUB and Online Massively Multiplayer but I didn’t want to change the title- I liked it too much.

I had no sooner sat down with my Reed’s Ginger Beer, which makes a great alternative to Mt. Dew- if you’re feeling like a change(A very unique drink), than I saw the latest RoM news on Twitter: E3 Coverage of Runes of Magic!

  • More Elite Skills (Yeah yeah, get to the good stuff)
  • 6 vs 6 PvP Arena
  • Capture the flag Arena
  • Info on how those other buildings, in Guild zones, will work
  • Chapter 2 info

Okay while there is no answer on when, exactly, the PvP stuff is coming, let me skip to the structures you can “build” in Guild Castle zones.

These structures will play heavily towards Guild Wars as each structure can be built to different levels, but require a large amount of resources.  Guilds are going to find themselves building and re-building quite a bit as during a Guild War these building can be damaged(de-leveled) or even destroyed.

Now sing with me: These are a few of my favorite things

Probably the coolest thing was the info about Chapter 2: The Elven Phophecy.

With pictures and HD video for the RoM community to drool over.

zOMG! What is that?, wait, WHERE is that?

OMG!, OMG!, zzzzzzOMG!!!!!

Chapter 2 is bringing with it improved graphics for old and new areas.

A new graphics engine to have improved textures and shades as well as improved water graphics above, and below water.  The picture of the merfolk looks to be underwater, which has me excited at the prospect of a breathing meter that the devs hinted about ages ago.

The 2 new classes are being released as well(but oddly still no info on what, exactly, those classes will be).

Level cap is being raised to 55

Now we know there is at least 2 new maps being added(Oh please let there be more): The Weeping Coast and Heart of The Ocean

zz…z.z..z.z…zzz O…M…G *okay deep breathes*

The pet system is on it’s way, although no info about it yet, just that it’s…well, on it’s way.

We’re also being treated to a new soundtrack, which has me cracking a wry smile.  I’m one of those players that actually listens to the games music.  I enjoy quite a bit of RoM’s tracks, so I’m curious to hear a new soundtrack.

Still not enough to satiate your ravenous appetite for new content info?  Yeah same here, that’s why I got some juicy new dungeon news.

Remember I hinted at the picture of merfolk above?  Well tis a completely underwater dungeon!  Yep complete with stinging jellyfish, mermaids, and mermen.  It will be a 6-man dungeon with mobs starting above 50(note I said “starting”).

So are you interested in seeing the video?  Peep this playa!

Okay, I’m updating this post as often as I see mistakes/changes in info around the net, so come back often and a lot.
As for me, I just wanted to say one of my favorite smaller additions, that MMOHUB talked about were the structures:

many of the buildings in the first town you’ll encounter in Chapter 2 can be entered, and you’ll see decorations unique to each one, making them feel more real.

That’s what I love, more immersion/realism in the game, and building you can go in, up, around, etc…

UPDATE: Free MMO Gamer is reporting that the pets will be trainable to aid you in battle, and the first part of the content will be released in August(where the level cap will be raised to 52) followed by the Chapter 2 release in September.

UPDATE 2: IGN has a slew of new and georgeous screenshots from the coming updates.

UPDATE 3: Massively released thier screen shot photos of lots of new world content, including mobs you won’t see anywhere else.

UPDATE 4: Spike has this developers walkthrough video showing the developer describing new content as he runs through it on his “ICE LION”.