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Runes of Magic’s New Taiwan Server(NSFW)

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Tawain recently kicked off the opening of their RoM servers with a press conference.  It must have been quite a show.  I wonder if the attendees even knew what the conference was about, or if they showed up thinking they were going to see some belly dancing.

Fan Art: Cross Game Travel?

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Here’s a photoshop’d screenshot from Runes of Magic member Novasoft that I found humurous.

Runes of Magic Not Flashy Enough For Ya?

Posted in General, Picture Perfect, Shameless Rants on November 3, 2009 by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg

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I saw this while browsing on Xfire.  It reminded me of a few people who thought RoM was too bland.  One referenced 2Moons to me while saying they loved “flashy” attacks and armor.  Well I must admit that 2Moons is pretty flashy and colorful.  Heck graphically the characters are pretty cool.  But RoM is not without it’s flash and graphics.

Runes of Magic Halloween 2k9 Screen Shots

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I took a selection of screenshots from’s RoM page to show off what’s going down for Halloween in-game.

The parade and costume parties are a big hit, and I was pleasantly surprised to see very little complaining about anything.


Happy Halloween!

Picture Perfect: Ice Dwarf Valley

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While I still hold out for my screen shot to make it on Massively’s One-shots section, I figure I could do my own screen shot category to show off some in-game scenes.

I love going around taking scenic pictures and was especially proud of this one.

I bumped up the graphics, turned off my UI, and went into First-Person mode.

It is especially cool because there are no mobs showing.

This is in the area of Dragonfang Ridge known as Ice Dwarf Valley from Runes of Magic.  I think Dragonfang Ridge is the most geographically spectacular zone in the game.  The graphics and water textures appear, to me, to be the best of all the zones, and there are so many unique areas hidden around every turn.

If you want to show me your screenshots, just email them to me at jeremystratton[AT]gmail[DOT]com