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Runes of Magic On “No Prisoners, No Mercy” Podcast

Posted in News content, Reviews with tags , , , , on June 30, 2009 by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg

Saylah, writer of the blog Mystic Worlds was interviewed about Runes of Magic on the “No Prisoners, No Mercy” podcast.

She gives a very detailed description of how the game works.  It’s not boring to listen to, the hosts and guests are lively and funny, and Saylah gave it a shining review.  She really loves the game.

I have to agree with her, and she did a great job of pointing out some subtle but important differences that aren’t immediately apparent, but makes a huge difference that paints Runes of Magic’s systems in a better light than the way other MMORPGs do similar things.

The podcast is a total of 2 hours.  The first hour is all about Warhammer, while the second hour is all about Runes of Magic.

It’s a great podcast.  The hosts sound professional and are fun to listen to.