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Dept of Horde Affairs: Representin’

Posted in Media, WoW Diary with tags , , , on June 29, 2009 by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg

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I dug up an old screen shot I took on the steps of the Stormwind bank.

Just me sporting a tux with my black cat pet.  Dept of Horde Affairs FTW!

Yep no other reason for this post.  Sorry, just showin’ off.

I so wish you could pay a fee or do a quest so you can name the regular pets in-game.


Dept of Horde Affairs

Posted in WoW Diary with tags , , on June 10, 2009 by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg

That’s not just the title to this post, but my guilds name.  My good friend is technically the leader, which I’m going to try to get him to transfer to me.

I love the name and couldn’t believe it hadn’t been taken.

My real life friends and I that play have great fun mixing in traditional pen-and-paper RPG ideas into our  WoW play.

We have crafted tuxedos for all 3 leaders and set up a system where we keep track of 2 character lists:

  • Horde Offenders
  • Horde Sympathizers

We keep track of people that either don’t attack, help, or ignore Horde and Horde that are exceptionally offensive.  However we’re pretty loose with the latter part and what constitutes “exceptionally” offensive.  What do you expect, it’s a game after all and to enhance the fun we get out of it.

The other fun part of this is that in WoW, you can mail someone a letter, and when they open it, they can choose to retrieve it as an item, thus letting them store it in the bank, their bag, or yes- sell it in the auction house.

We keep ongoing lists separate, make multiple copies, and sell them in the auction house for a low low price of only 1 gold(for now).

We attach information to the Horde Sympathizer list on how one can get their name removed, thereby regaining respect and dignity.  This is another loose and fast area for us as right now we figure we’ll find an adequate looking official building to hold a meeting with the guild leaders and witnesses.  Here is where we drop our tuxedos for our official looking navy blue and gold guild tabards.  I’ll be working out more specific conditions to get names removed, in later gaming sessions.

If your interested in “Dept of Horde Affairs” you can contact Gnosigence in game on the Akama server.  We’re always willing to take on more members.  We actually use our bank, and have 4 tabs completely filled with usefull items for all level characters with free access from 2 of the tabs.

We’ve completely filled out guild information, which is further going an RP route with it’s very governmentally sounding garb.  They’ll be a guild website as soon as I can put together a nice looking official “seal”.