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Will Next Runes of Magic Expansion See Large Spike In Popularity of The MMORPG?

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I have a hunch, a theory.

RoM has so far been pretty good with it’s content updates, and the first big expansion.  Up until now I think players are still skeptical and wait to see it to believe it, for the most part.

But if they make good on their next big expansion, said to be out in spring of 2010 in the recent developer chat, we may see an extra large jump in the games popularity.

Not only will we see the game world increase in size by a few more zones, and plenty of new content, with hopefully significantly more fixed bugs than new ones, but I think players minds will be much more at ease to let go of their skepticism.

The game is also starting to garner popularity among some big MMORPG journalist sites with some giving RoM its own dedicated section.  A first for many of the sites to do that for a free game, where they previously only gave big triple A subscription based games their own homes.

It’s all contingent on whether Runewaker can successfully handle the business side of things and grow the company larger than an average F2P games company.  They already boast being a larger company, but they have to be able to grow even more, and continue to make money at it.

If Runewaker can figure it all out and make it work, could we see the first of its kind in a F2P MMORPG company that gets close to being as large as a subscription based company?  Do you think they could end up becoming pioneers in the same aspect that Blizzard did for subscription MMORPGs? or will they find themselves stuck as a smaller company not finding that golden apple to let themselves grow?

Time will tell.


Musings On The Future of Runes of Magic’s World-size

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Part of the good and bad about RMT(Real Money Transaction) games is they tend to be free-to-play but small.  I certainly would love to see some of the F2P games have much larger game worlds but RMT lends itself to much smaller companies and employee base.  It’s part of how the business makes money.

Runes of Magic has some 11-12 zones.  I’m guessing from memory.  It doesn’t matter because the difference in size compared to say WoW is so vast that me being accurate isn’t all that important for this post.

Granted the new zone Aotulia Voclano is double the size of most of the other zones, it still all adds up to the entire world of Taborea fitting into maybe less than 4 zones from WoW(out of what? around 100 zones).

So far RoM is successful and registrations continue to rise.  It is hard to be accurate on this point as well.  I believe they are looking at individual website registrations.  So even if some of those people effectively stop playing for good, they may still be registered and count toward the overall number.

I digress.  The game has been out for roughly a year and they’ve released the zones Ravenfell, Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, and Aotulia Vocano.  Kudos for them.  If they keep up with their announcements of new major content expansions every 4 months, the game could start to get pretty large.

There’s a rumor(I can’t confirm) that the devs told Closed Beta players that their initial plans were to have 80 zones by 2 years.  Based on their progress and lack of any other similar communication since then makes it unlikely to happen.  What is likely though, is that this game very well could get large-As large as a triple-A MMORPG.

We’ve already had hints through various interviews with Frogster and Runewaker staff members that they’re planning on other races(dwarves were actually name dropped by staff). and have many items and characters that show through data mining that aren’t implemented yet.  The world lore hints at another whole continent. And many features show that they can grow much larger in size.

If they can keep up with the speed and size of the updates they’ve already proven to be able to implement, I will be a very happy player.

I don’t know how long I will be playing RoM, but it’s been a year and I still enjoy it.  It’s going to be very interesting and exciting to see how large and how fast the world grows.

NaNoWriMo Novel 2: “Mobly and Abernacky in The Seductive Dark Pearl”

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Small shiney like badges should be.

“Where’d you get this?” Abernacky asked, flipping the badge over in his hand.

“I found it in the stomach of a beetle.”

Mobly raised his eyebrow.

“I was out gathering beetle legs for that old wizard in Varanas East Wing. Who knows what he does with them, but he pays good and it’s not hard work. Anyway I whacked on of those beetles and saw something shiny. I didn’t really like digging through beetle guts but I figure it was a risk worth taking.”

Abernacky saw a name inscribed on the back. “August? As in the House of August?”

“That’s what I think. How it wound up in a beetles stomach is a mystery I can live without, but I’m sure anyone from the House of August would be gracious to have it back.”

“You mean a ‘reward’” Abernacky sneared.

“Well, yes, but only if they offer. We don’t have to extort them.”

“What do you mean we?” Abernacky’s eyes narrowed. “Why do you need me?”

“Well I didn’t plan on using you, I wanted to include you. The truth is, I know who the badge belongs to. It’s Phil August.”


“So” Mobly continued to plead “Phil is a bit, well eccentric.” “He wants a few small favors. Some I can do and some I can’t, at least not without possibly costing me more than it would be worth it for any reward. If it were too of us, we’d quickly complete any tasks he asked of us, and split the reward.”

“That don’t make any sense” Abernacky grunted in disbelief.

“Look this armor is expensive. All my equipment is, and it’s already in need of repair. Any fights we’d get into would just make things worse for me, and I am a bit low on funds at the moment. Even splitting the reward would be worth more for me in the long run.”

Abernacky just stood there, his impatience and suspicion fuming like a minotaur.

“Look, don’t you want to at least get out of town for a spell. Look at it like a paid vacation. You might even like it.”

Truth was Abernacky did want to escape a little. He’d grown up in Logar, and even though the people were always nice to him, and he liked his life, he also had a yearning to find out who he was.

He had been raised by the whole town. Story was that someone just left him at the Mayor’s door. They took him in and cared for him, even when he was considered an outsider by all the other young ones. He had a peculiar tendency to seek out dark places and fashion his own little fort where he’d spend most of his time. He never really enjoyed swimming or playing kickball out in the street like the other kids.

It was after he started to reach adult hood that physical differences started to show. The townspeople were to bound by their own etiquette to say anything, but he knew what they all thought. He was rough around the edges. He was never impolite, having always been grateful for being given food and a bed, but it was a difference of thought, like the difference between city folk and country folk. The differences didn’t stop there. He was short, really short, and hair seemed to grow out of him at an alarming pace, all thick and course.

He knew this was his home, but it wasn’t his homeland. The desire to learn about himself never went away, it grew in him more and more everyday, like a sickly sweet weed that was prickly all over.

Abernacky stayed in Logar despite this, because it was familiar, he knew how to live hear. He was comfortable, and didn’t want to change that, even if it meant finding out who he was. He knew part of it was lying to himself, but the rationalizing of it was always enough to keep him rooted in Logar.

Yet, no one had ever really gave him a means to safely travel where his fear was quelled enough. He knew it wasn’t far to Varanas, and if he got into trouble, Logar would help him out. He wouldn’t except that though. They had done more than enough for a single person. He wouldn’t throw unexpected trouble or cost on any of them. Not after he started living in his own home, and making his own way.

“Well, what do you think?” Mobly interrupted his thoughts.

Abernacky looked toward Logar, as if he could see the town through Sevaida Woods, fingering the badge.

“I reckon there’s no reason why not to go.”

Mobly beamed “It’s settled then, we’ll head to Varanas, I know where Phil usually is during the day.”

“Hold on, let’s get one thing straight. Anything fishy that costs me, comes out of yer pocket….or hide.” Abernacky’s eyes fixed on Mobly’s in a dead stare.”

“Of course, but there won’t be need of it, All will be fine. When can you leave?”

I just have to get these spider venom samples to the doc, and clean this armor.

“Fine, I’ll come with you.” Mobly said.

Abernacky knew he was going to tag along whether he liked it or not, so he didn’t say anything.

Abernacky wiped his axe in the grass and started heading for Town, Mobly in tow.

“What’s the doctor doing with spider venom sample anyway?” Mobly asked, a bit curious and wanting to talk why they walked.

“Who knows, prolly somethin’ to do with the old Dead Tree Cave. People been sayin’ there’s strange noises not to mention all these nasty spiders that seem to be multiplying daily.”

“Well it’s really not surprising. A lot of weird stuff is happening all over. Some say evil is coming back full-force.”

“What d’ya mean?”

“Take the Howling Mountains for instance. The Barrows with their strange rock formations. It’s said that those used to be worshiping grounds for all manner of evil creatures a long time ago.”

Mobly told him the story of the Howling Mountains. How lesser demonds and wild horde used to perform rituals which gave the areas its name. Later the Eye of Wisdom and Varanas Council sent waves of troops and wizards in eventually cleansing the area and making it habitable for people.

Win a New Graphics Card From Runes of Magic

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Not only is Runes of Magic a great game, but to date they’ve held several contests with great prizes.

If you still haven’t heard of RoM or have yet to make that decision to try it, now is a great time.

RoM is giving away:

1st Prize: Leadtek Winfast GeForce GTX 275 graphics card (Product Info)

2nd – 3rd Prize: a RoM T-Shirt and a RoM Mug

4th – 10th Prize: a RoM T-Shirt

Entry is raffle style and is easy to enter.  Sign up for the game and get started.  Then enter the contest by following the link on the main page or just click here.

Contest ends November 20th.

Runes of Magic Pet Project: I’m Going To Write The Runes of Magic Book!

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No, I’m not “officially” writing a novel for the company.

I started off with a fanfiction mentality and quickly switched to full-blown fat headed ego maniac.

I asked a question on that was an abridged version of my recent post on novels written about free-to-play games.

I don’t have much to go on, but the few answers I got were all the same.  In short, they all felt F2P game world lore lacked too much to make into even one book.

I am going to try a typical fantasy novel scenario.

Every terrific tome of fantasy fluff needs an outline.

Disclaimer: My book will be fluff; generic-I’m not calling Runes of Magic’s world lore “fluff” or “generic”.

I’m not shooting for epic here.

Step One:

  • I found a simple outline that I’ll flesh out with my main characters and what not.

Step Two:

  • After fleshing out the outline, I will post it in various places around the MMORPG internet to get feedback.

Step Three:

  • If there is any revisions to be made, I’ll make them.

Step Four:

  • Start Writing!

I need to set a realistic time frame to get this done(and then add a lot of slack off space).  I have to be able to get work done, and still have some fun for myself:)

I’m considering one year.

I’ll post the outline after I finish the first draft.

MMORPG Articles Posted This Week

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  • My third article, in the crafting series, is up on
  • I have an article: “Is Horizontal Game Play The Future For MMORPGs?” going up on GameBunny.  Look for it soon.
  • My informative piece on Runes of Magic’s ‘Aggregator’ is up on
  • I have a few more articles I’ll be finishing up this weekend on these, and other sites.

Enjoy 🙂

Runes of Magic World Lore

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A current unfortunate downside to the still fairly young F2P MMORPG Runes of Magic is the seemingly scant amount of World Lore.

Part of the ‘welcome message’ on RoM’s site says:

Now the time has come for you to explore Taborea and shape its future

Indeed it seems they are creating a majority of the lore as you play.  This could be fun for current players, if they can participate in special events that help shape Taborea’s future-history.

Even still, I wonder if it’s just more fun to lay out the bulk of the story and it’s background from the beginning?  Will players joining the game 2 years from now find more enjoyment in Taborea after it’s pumped out lots of world lore?

There’s already been some forum posts about RP’ers and regular players wanting more story.  Some have asked for contests to be held where the community writes stories and Runewaker and/or Frogster pick the winners to be included in official lore (Personally I love these ideas to get a little online/offline community spirit going).

There is a bit of world lore, on the RoM site that covers major Eras of history, leading up to the current Era.

Recently I discovered a nice batch of additional area-specific world lore.  It doesn’t cover every current zone in Runes of Magic, but it is more specific, and even drops certain people’s names.

If you haven’t seen them already, you’ll definitely want to fill yourself in on these key areas to learn how they came to be.